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How to play Texas Holdem poker game

Before actually playing Texas Hold’em, you will need to learn the rules of the game and how to actually play. In Hold’em each poker player will be dealt two cards which are known as hole cards and only the player will be able to see them. You should never show your cards to anyone else otherwise that gives them an advantage of beating you. The dealer will deal 5 cards face up on the table which is known as the community cards and can be used by all of the players in addition to their two private cards to make the best possible hand.


In Texas Holdem all players can use the seven cards to make the best hand. There are 3 major variations of Hold’em on most poker sites such as Full Tilt Poker, William Hill Poker, Bet365 Poker, Bwin Poker etc, while Poker Stars has 4 major variations. The main three include No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit with the fourth less known being Mixed. Other sites such as Party Poker also offer different types of variations to help mix up the game and keep it interesting. Whether you prefer the tradition variations or something new you can find all the excitement that you want on these popular poker sites.


The blinds, antes and buttons in Texas Hold’em are definitely an important part of understanding and mastering the game. There are markers called the dealer button which is the player in the last seat from paying the blinds. The two players clockwise to the dealer will be responsible for posting what is known as the small blind and big blind. The player next to the dealer will place the small blind while the person next to them will pay the big blind that is normally two times the small blind. So for example, if the max bet for the table is $10, then the small blind would be $5 and the big blind would be $10. In order to stay in the hand when playing Texas Hold’em, every other player will need to pay the $10, otherwise they will need to fold, meaning their cards will be given to the dealer. Some places require that all players place an ante which is a forced bet but is not always the case.




All major poker sites such as Bwin Poker and 888 Poker allow you to play and practice for free. So if you are just learning the game, you should take advantage of the free tournaments that are offered by all of the major poker sites in order to gain knowledge before taking the chance of losing your hard earned money. In Texas Hold’em, once the blinds have been posted, the dealer will deal each player two hole cards which should be shown to any other players.  Once the players have their cards, they will need to post the $10 if they want to stay or fold. After all the players have made their decision the dealer will then turn three cards face up on the table which is often referred to as the flop. Once again there will be around of betting which will start at the small blind and work around the table until all the action is completed. In Texas Hold’em there are several rounds of betting before the hand ends so this may be confusing for beginners so it’s important to pay attention to what the other players are doing. The dealer will then turn up the fourth community card – which is known as the turn – and will be followed by another round of betting. Once the betting is complete, the final card – also known as the river – will be dealt, followed by the last round of betting. Once all of the betting is complete, the cards of all players left in the hand will be revealed to determine a winner. The winner will receive the chips in the pot unless there is a tie in which the players would split the pot equally.


Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game found anywhere in the world regardless of whether it’s online or off. Fortunately, those who love the game but don’t have the time required to drive to a local casino can conveniently play all of their favorite games form the comfort of their own home. There are many different online poker rooms to choose from including Full Tilt Poker, William Hill Poker, Bet365 Poker, Bwin Poker, Poker Stars, Party Poker and 888 Poker which offers a wide range of games to choose from including tournaments, cash ring games, heads up, multi table sit and go’s, play money and even satellite events which gives you the chance to win a lot of money or an entry into a very large event.


Many of these poker rooms offer a broad spectrum of Texas Hold’em games to choose from which is great for those poker players who want to either learn the game or who want to improve their skills. Whether you want to play for real money, build a bankroll, play for free or be the next poker pro these websites have what it takes to help improve your overall playing skills and to give you the edge needed to take home the big bucks. You can choose to play lower stakes or higher stakes with the poker pros. There is so much available that it may seem like daunting task to choose where to get started but with patience you will soon make one of these great online poker sites like 888 Poker your new home.


Texas Hold’em is a game of luck and skill and if you don’t have the skills needed yet to make it in the game, playing will soon help to get you to the level that you have always dreamed of.  If you are looking for a poker site that not only has a ton of games to offer but great customer support and tons of other players to go up against, consider Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars.

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