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The advantages of single bets compared to accumulated bets

There is an intense discussion among bettors over the best- type of bet. Some say that accumulated bets bring more money, some say that the single bets are surer. It is obvious that both sides are right, but we lean more towards one of them.

It is crystal clear that an accumulated bet brings you more winnings because the odds multiply, but aren`t these types of bets bringing you closer to bankruptcy? We leave any accumulated bets containing 9-10 picks, as many tend to bet, hoping to win. I still see bettors that place long bets hoping to get rich over night. But they will realize, also over night, that they have only lost more money. Of course, there are cases, one in a thousand, when a bettors wins, but “What are the chances of this?”

Leave the accumulated bets of 10-15 picks behind and become a professional bettor. I have heard many bettors asking the question “How to place a single bet if I do not have enough money? This way I place an Euro and maybe I win.” My answer is the following “If you bet one Euro today, one tomorrow and so on, how much will you lose in 2-3 months?” Have you ever calculated the sum lost on accumulated bets?

Our advice is never to exceed 2-3 picks per slip in case you really want to place accumulated bets. In the case of single bets, the risk of losing your bankroll money is lower and we will prove it.

We will explain both cases using a few examples for which we have chosen an average odd of 1.80. This way, we have 3 picks of 1.80 and we will play both options:

  • Option 1 (Accumulated)
  • Stake 25 Euro: 1.80×1.80×1.80 = final odd 5.83
  • Option 2 (SINGLE)
  • Stake 7 Euro on each pick at an odd of 1.80

We have 4 possible outcomes:

1) All picks are correct

  • Option 1 – PROFIT:  120, 75 Euro
  • Option 2 – PROFIT: 16.8 Euro

2) Two out of three picks are correct

  • Option 1 – PROFIT: -25 Euro
  • Option 2 – PROFIT: 11,2 Euro

3) One out of three picks are correct

  • Option 1 – PROFIT: -25 Euro
  • Option 2 – PROFIT: – 8.4 Euro

4) All picks wrong

  • Option 1 – PROFIT: -  25 Euro
  • Option 2 – PROFIT: – 25 Euro

The question is the following: “Is it worth risking 25 Euro for a probable win of 120 Euro?”

  • The mathematical chances of winning an accumulated bet with 3 picks are of 12,5%. In conclusion, I have 12,5% chances of winning 120 Euro (Option 1) and 16,8 Euro (Option 2)
  • The mathematical chances of losing an accumulated bet with 3 picks are also of 12,5%. In conclusion, I have 12,5% chances of losing my 25 Euro, regardless of the option chosen.
  • There are chances of 75% my picks to be second or the third option. What do I have? There are 75% chances of losing 25 Euro (Option 1) and 75% chances of winning 11 Euro or losing 8 Euro (Option 2)

Most bettors are fooled by the possibility of winning the maximum sum, but they never calculate the chances of winning. Considering the fact that 95% of the bettors lose and only 5% win, the starting mentality should be the following one “How to reduce my chanced of losing the money? How to prevent losing at sports bets and have good chances of winning?!” It may seem odd, but this is the truth. Bets are not a sure investment considering the fact that there are 50% chances of winning and the odds offered are of 1.85. In conclusion, a bettor should start with the above mentioned statement.

But most bettors think like this: “How to make money fast from sports bets?”. Unfortunately not many succeed. 

Have you ever asked yourself why bookmakers never allowed in the past the possibility of placing a single pick on a slip and you were restricted to a minimum of 3 picks? Don`t you think that they realized that letting the bettor choose might be to their advantage? Do you think that after 5-10 years they have realized that they were in advantage and withdrew this restriction? No! They were forced by online bookmakers and many players have figured out how to make money from sports betting.

This is our advice, but the decision is yours to take.

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