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The calculus for the over/under types of bets according to statistics

Bets that are placed on the number of scored goals within a match might seem bets that do not require a good documentation, but the truth is far from it. Even though it looks easy, in order to place a safe bet we have to follow some basic rules and we should even do some mathematical calculus.

This type of bet can be a profitable one if we consider the statistics and we are willing to analyze a match as much as possible.

How does this strategy work?

Picture a match between the football team A and B, the first one being the host. In the first place, we will follow the goal average scored in each match of this team on her own pitch. Let us say that this team scored an average of 2,1 goals each match, with a minimum value of 1,20 and a maximum one of 3,30 goals in each match played at home.

Then we have to see the statistics for team B and we will follow the matches played away. Let us say they have an average of goals scored in matches played away of 1,75 with a minimum of 1,75 and a maximum of 2,90.

Now comes the mathematical calculus and we will take the smallest numbers and we will add them, of course.

For example: 1,15 + 1,20 = 2,35. This thing would mean that 2,35 should be the minimum number of goals scored in this match.

This way you can calculate the maximum number of goals, more specifically 3,85. The average between these two values, the minimum one and the maximum one is of 3,12 a value that exceeds over 2,5, so it would be safe to bet on the 2,5 type of bet.

If we get at the end of an analysis as this to a medium value of 2,70 or a bigger one, it is advised to bet on 2,5 goals with bigger stakes. If the average lays between 2,50 and 2,70 then it is better to think whether it is worth risking 2,5 goals, but if we opt for this type of bet, it is advised to use smaller stakes.

If the goal average is between 2,30 and 2,50 it is advised to place a bet under 2,5 goals, but using small stakes. But if the average value lays around 2,30 or under it, it is best to use the under 2,5 goals bet, but this time using a bigger stake.

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