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The funny story of the offline bettor that keeps a betting journal

I have a good friend that often bets at offline bookmakers. I have tried many times to explain to him the advantages of betting over the internet, but he would never listen and he could not even give me some reasons for sticking to offline bookmakers. One day, as it happened for me to be at his place, I have discovered a journal in which he kept his betting slips. I was surprised to find among the pages filled with odds and lost bets, some paragraphs:

“The betting journal of an offline bettor – Why do I prefer these bookmakers”

  •  I love exercising. Instead of jogging through the park, I rather walk daily 10 minutes on foot to the bookmaker`s and back. It happens sometimes, when I bet on Under 2.5 goals and the events starts shortly afterwards, that by the time I get home goals are being scored. I do not mind losing my time getting back to the bookmaker to change the slip with the matches left. The cashier looks at me arrogantly and says “Some matches have already begun”. I take my slip and go to the panel to add a few more sports events. I do not know what to bet on anymore because the matches I have analyzed have already started. It does not matter, I can play matches from Bolivia and Chile.
  • I absolutely love the line in front of the panel that shows the picks. Most of them try in to get a pen. Some of them have pens, but they do not have a piece of paper on which to write down the matches, some have papers, but no pens, some do not have paper or pens, but they stay in front of the panel and just stare at it. Only two have both pens and papers, but they lay in the back and can not see the panel. The agitation does not bother me, in the least, I am tall and well built.
  • It is quite pretty at the bookmaker`s. We have a table and two chairs, placed there especially for the bettors that want to quietly read the magazine of the bookmaker (one without too many interesting statistics). I say quietly, when there is no one playing the slots machines. Sometimes, the chairs are holding children of 2 to 7 years or girls. Bettors bring their children to teach them the art of sports betting from a young age and those that bring their girlfriends, they simply take a small detour to place a sports bet.
  • I really like it at an offline bookmaker. Here you can meet people of all ages. I really like it when I can talk to someone or ask a second opinion of another bettor, it helps to be able to talk. Of course, it is true that 95% of the bettors that are there do not know anything about sports, but you know how they say “It is good to get a second opinion, no matter what it is”. I like the fact that here you can find from bricklayers, waiters, chefs, security guard to managers, there are many types of people gathered in a single place. Sometimes it is crowded, but we manage it somehow. It gets a little unpleasant in the summer, with all the scents spreading around. The bricklayer had a hard day at work and had already drunk 2 beers, the security guard wears the same uniform the entire summer, the manager has just eaten something and the garlic can still be felt.
  • I reach the cashier to validate my slip. I like to wait again 15 minutes in the line. They have just hired a new cashier and she seems nice. She has not got used to her new job and is excessively slow in typing in the codes. Only a bored retired man complains at the middle of the line of 10 people that still await. A young man interferes “Leave her alone because she is new! Can`t you see how carefully she types with her pink nails?”. I barely smile so as not to attract too much attention. It looks like I will be waiting 25 minutes more. I do not mind, I do not have anything better to do at home anyhow. More than this, I like watching greyhound races. I think I might bet on dogs at some point, it looks interesting. If I watch 20-30 more races, I might even discover a strategy and get rich!
  • I am next. I give her the slip and she discretely smiles to me “3 matches have already begun”. I look at the slip. I was left with only three matches, two from Bolivia and one from Chile. On the counter where I placed my elbows I find a piece of paper with 4 events. I say “Type the code 1069, pick 1″. It was a baseball match. I really do not know much about this sport, just that a ball is hit. Who knows, I might get lucky.
  • I politely say goodbye to the lady and leave the bookmaker`s 40 minutes later. While heading home I look over the slip to see how much I could win. I ca not wait to come back tomorrow to withdraw my winning…. 30 Euro?! Why is my possible winning so high? Oh, the girl made a mistake and placed the second pick instead of the first one. Oh well, this is it, at least she smiled to me today.

I have taken a pen and completed the end of the journal “When are you going to start betting like a sane person?”

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