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The game of bingo

Bingo is a game played with random numbers and it involves two entities, the player and the organizer. The players receive a piece of paper, it can also be electronic, on which is printed a specific matrix in advance. The matrices consists in some numbers from which the player can choose a variety from them. The winner is the one who has the required numbers and then he can say Bingo, to announce other people that there is a winner. After saying bingo the players must take his paper to verification time in which the prize is given and then starts another game of bingo. At bingo your opponents are other people that are playing at the same time with you.

This game has evolved in order to create more excitement to its participants, since the creation of the game in 1992. One of the reasons the game is different from a place to aother is the fact that the gambling rules are different and they influence the game. The most played Bingo version is Bingo cards. This is played on a piece of cardboard with 25 squares on it, five vertical columns and five horizontal rows, each space containing a number. Bingo uses numbers from 1 to 75 and five columns with the letters b I n g o on it, from left to right. Each column has his numbers, for example on column B there are numbers from 1 to 15, on the column I numbers range from 16 to 30 and so one. In a game you can have multiple bingos it depends on how you play, you can make a single line and then you can continue until you have a full card.

It is believed that bingo comes from an Italian lottery game “ Il Cioco del Loteria Italiana” but the game in his current form was played in the 18th century in French. In America this game became known for being played at the carnivals in Atlanta. There is a story behind the name which says that one of the people who won this game, instead of screaming beuno, which means good, said bingo and this name remained.

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