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The history of the blackjack game

The history of blackjack, like the history if cards games in generally is a little bit uncertain, because as the time was passing by there were many things that changed cards games from region to region. The first reference that we have about cards is somewhere between 900 AD in China and Egypt, and it’s said that cards are the descendants from rummy pieces. At the beginning it was used as a mystical power and then it was used in simulating battle maneuvers. As time passed by the cards were introduced in Europe and North America also. In Europe the first signs of playing cards was somewhere between 13th and 14th century with the aristocracy, because the cards were actually painted paper so the cost of a deck was pretty much.

The exact birth date of blackjack is also uncertain but it is believed to be around the year 1700 in the French casinos. The name of the game in that period was twenty one as it still remained in some countries. In America the game stared to be played during 1800 and since then it grew and became popular. Gambling was legal in the western part of the United States until 1910 and this encouraged people to play this type of game. But still, blackjack was not the most preferred gambling game in the west, where people were playing constantly craps and poker. The casinos though of a way of attracting people to this game, so they started to offer interesting pay-offs and advantages for special hands. So if the first two cards that you receive were an ace of spades and a black jack you received some extra money. This is considered to be the moment when the game`s name changed from twenty one to blackjack. But now gambling is legal in many states so this games is continuously being played every day.

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