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The most important aspects that can help you win a sport bet

In terms of gains when it comes to sport betting, many of those that constantly bet lack the necessary patience and the basic knowledge in order to truly understand this phenomenon.

Most bettors are following the tips offered by bookmakers or by people that are not experts in sport betting and they want to gain as much as possible as fast as possible. This thing is extremely hard to come by on the long term, sooner or later you will face serious problems regarding the bankroll.

Below we will present for you some of the basic principles which you have to consider and use in order to truly win large sums of money on the long term. Here are some of the most important ones :


Try to know as much as possible about the teams at hand:

  • study the teams and see their strong suits and their weak ones
  • look for their records as hosts and as guest in competitions
  • evaluate them as detached as possible
  • follow them from one season to another, there are always changes that appear and sometimes they are radical (transfers, managers that leave the team, news about the coaches)

Bet on the teams that are motivated:

  • sometimes a team does not play at its highest potential, sometimes she manages to throw in an exceptional game, especial in the critical moments
  • try to understand how important is that certain match for the team, a team that faces relegation can play better, being extremely motivated to succeed in order to remain in the league

Do not keep track of the lost bets:

  • if you had a series of lost bets, try not to panic, this is a mistake that most bettors do
  • never raise the stake just to regain the losses, you are risking to lose everything
  • it is advised to evaluate yourself, to observe where you make mistakes and to even reduce the stakes until you start winning again

Bet on well established criteria, without any favoritism

  • never let yourself be influenced and do not bet on a team just because you are a fan of hers
  • be selective and do not bet on all the stages within a championship, choose only a few matches that are safe

If you feel it, bet against what most people bet on

  • for example, in a match between Manchester United and Chelsea, the bookmakers adjust the odds according to the bets placed, if the odds raise for the team you wanted to bet on, take advantage of it, it is not a mistake or a risk that is not worth taking

Follow carefully the injuries within a team

  • follow the injuries, but never over evaluate this aspect, try and judge the importance of the injured player and the quality of the one that replaces him
  • a good thing to know is that a substitute that replaces a player will try to play at his best in order to show of his true value.

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