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The most profitable types of sports bets that will bring you high winnings

What are the most profitable types of bets? This is a question that many bettors ask themselves. In general, the type of bet that brings the highest profit varies from bettor to bettor. If the x bettor makes a profit by betting on the numbers of goals scored, it does not mean that the y bettor will win as much as him by using the same type of bet.

In our opinion, in order to see which type of bet is the most profitable for you, you need to make a balance sheet for a longer period of time and see which is the pick with the highest winning percentage. We emphasize “on the log term” because many bettors make a balance sheet for a period of 2-3 weeks, which is just a relatively short period of time to to let you draw accurate conclusions. Most professional bettors make a balance sheet for an entire month or even for a longer period of time.

Generally speaking, the most profitable types of bets should be the ones that have two types of picks. The reason is a simple and logical one, if you bet on 1×2 the mathematical probability (excluding other factors: value, form and so on) of you losing the sum placed is of 66.7%. But, on the other hand, if you play on bets that have two options, the chances of you losing drop to 50%.

In our opinion, the bets that are the most profitable are the bets on the number of goals in a football match or hokey, the bets on the total points in basketball and volleyball or bets on the total number of games in tennis matches. These meet the above mentioned condition (they have 50% chances of success). We think the Asian Handicaps also offer the same advantages, not the ones found at offline bookmakers 1×2, but those offered by Bet365 for example where you have two options of betting. This way you can bet on a team that starts with a virtual advantage of a certain number of goals or if a favorite team receives a too low of an odd, you can bet she will win at a difference of at least two, three or four goals. Playing these types of bets, with a thorough analysis because it counts a lot in sports betting, you can make a long term profit.

Likewise, it is recommended for you to place single bets (a single bet on a slip), because in this case you depend on only two teams / two players (at individual sports). But if you place two, three or more bets on a slip then the number of teams / players that you depend on rises and the chances of you winning are inversely proportional.

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