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The notion of Gambling tourism

Tourism means to travel somewhere else with a reason. This reason can be recreational, on holidays or business. Now the recreational tourism is very diverse. People are traveling for many reasons, concerts, to the mountains, at the sea side, to visit their relatives, but the main idea is that they travel because they want to feel better by doing other types of activities from the ones they are doing every they.

Because gambling is a social thing and many people are doing it, the gambling tourism was born. It’s the same as when people are traveling for example to pray at a special place, when people travel to go and gamble in special places where they can do almost everything they want. On this idea, huge cities like Vegas and Nevada were born. This concept of branding a city as a gambling one was taken into consideration by other countries to in order to increase their national monetary system which had to suffer due to the economic crisis. In 2005 in Great Britain a legislative law responsible for the gambling in the UK had recommended to build 16 casinos all over the country in order to attract more tourists in order to boost their incomes.

In the world of tourism if we look at the top destinations for traveling, we can see that many of them include casinos as a destination, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Dubai and Baden Baden. If we look, especially in America, many casinos were build with the purpose of attracting more tourists. This idea works and brings great results, because when building casinos, in most of the cases, it comes with a hotel and a whole market working for them, this means more jobs for the people in that area. The thing which the state need to bare in mind if it really wants to encourage gambling tourism, is to give the competition a chance, because otherwise only one important casino will rule the market and then it can set its own prices.

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