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The Parlay sport betting systems

Many bettors only place predictions for pleasure, it is a hobby of theirs, a way to relax and to spend some free time, but we must keep in mind that for many, bets are a way of life and perhaps even the only source of income. They can not afford mistakes and need to make a profit as often as possible and their success has to be a constant thing.

If simple bettor, or rather a novice, does not intend to win every day, a professional bettor is looking for any solutions to constantly improve his game strategy and at the same time to maximize profits. Many of them resort to a lot of mathematical strategies that they found effective. But although most of them are somewhat perfect from the mathematical point of view, only experienced bettors can make a profit from using them.

What actually is Parlay  ?

Perhaps for many, the parlay term is not so well known, so we will first explain what it really means and then we can go into details. First of all, the Parlay System is a betting system that is also called the positive progressive system, like the Paroli system. The Parlay System is one of the oldest in betting strategies, but also one of the most popular betting systems in various domains. Bet Parlay is indeed extremely popular among gamblers because it offers the chance to win large sums using fairly small stakes.

What is the mechanism of a Parlay system?

It is a system that relies mainly on betting profits, that is to say, this system is one of the least risky systems in the world. A gambler does not risk his own money after he had a few winning bets. So this is a plus for this betting strategy. Parlay is not very difficult, but you must decide what will be the initial stake, followed later by an increased stake, every time you win or come back to the initial amount before you lost a bet.

If you decide to use this system you need, or more accurately said, you should set a maximum amount that if you reach you would come back again to the original stake. In other words, set your financial target beforehand. It is extremely important. This type of parlay bet is known by punters worldwide as accumulated bets.

How many types of parlay bets are there?

Regarding Parlay bets, there are two types: Money Lines Parlays, where winnings are determined by each team’s odds and Point Spread Parlay, where the winnings are fixed.

What are the Money Line Parlays?

These types of bets are very common, bearing the name of multiple bets where you can combine the odds that you find in the entire offer of a sportsbook. This system does not use equal stakes, as the winnings vary from team to team. In the case of a Point Spread Parlay bet the chance of winning is 1: 1, the Money Line Parlay systems do not work the same.

This system simply takes the bettors` stake and places it on a team. If the team wins, it recalculates the stake and puts it entirely on the next game. Basically the stake of a accumulated bet is the product of all odds on that bet.

For example : Suppose you bet on 3 games with stakes of 1 euro each.

1 euro bet on Real Madrid`s victory against Real Sociedad (odd 1.5) = 1.5 euro gain
1 euro bet on Bayern’s victory against Stuttgart (odd 1.5) = 1.5 euro gain
1 euro bet on Dinamo`s victory against the Astra (odd 2) = 2 euro gain

For these three sporting events if all bets are correct, you can earn 5 euros, 3 euros representing the stakes. The total profit is of only 2 euros. The same 3 matches on a accumulator bet, using the same amount as the bet above:

Real Madrid € 3 with the odd 1.5 = 4.5 euro gain
Bayern € 4.5 with the odd 1.5 = 6.75 euro gain
Dinamo € 6.75 with the odd 2 = 13.5 euro gain

In this case, you have a chance to win euro 13.5 euro from which 3 represent the stakes. So here you have a profit of 10.5 euros, much higher than in the first situation. So the great advantage of an accumulated bet is that it gives you the chance of winning large sums at rather small stake, but only if you have a number of correct predictions, which sometimes can be difficult.

Point Spread Parlay

This bet has fix winnings, the player being the only one who creates the system with the selections from the list presented at the bookmaker. The list is composed of point spread for each game, the odds are adjusted so as to be equal, including a possible fee of the bookmaker. A very interesting thing that you have to consider is that in this type of bet the odds are much lower than the real ones, so it is not worth playing this strategy, from our point of view.


However, if you plan to use this system because it is considered advantageous, it is advisable to bet on fewer teams. You can bet on only 3.4 team with the parlay system. Thus, the chances of winning are much greater and more real than if you exceed the number of 4 teams. When choosing more teams the risks are higher and eventually you will lose everything. Most professional bettors suggest that it is better to bet up to 3 teams with this parlay system, with a stake of 25 euros than on 5 teams on a 5 euro stake. The chances of winning are much higher, even though the profit is small most of the times.

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