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The real deal about fixed matches and sports betting, be cautious!

After a certain amount of time spent playing at sport bets, after a certain number of lost tickets at a single match, after more situations in which we believe that sport is just unfair, we start to think over all sorts of situations that have nothing to do with sports, far from it. We start to think about the matches being fixed, at the big deals behind all the sports clubs that are only destroying sport, bettors and the general well fare of all things.

If you are expecting to find here an answer to the question “Are there fixed matches?”, then we can offer it on the spot without hesitating “Yes, there are fixed matches.” and this subject was heavily debated by the press and is still debated. Many fines were issued, men belonging to certain clubs were arrested and some clubs were suspended for raising controversy.

Fixed matches definitely exist in sports and they will exist even more from now on, because sports have begun to be more like a business and less like a competition in which sportsmen compete, men with special physic qualities. The sportsmen, in most of the cases are not to be blamed, because behind these fixed matches lay important men that belong to certain clubs. Attracted by the large sums of money, most sportsmen accept these arrangements, while others that do not agree have to play along with the others or are even left on the bench by the coaches.

This subject about fix matches in sport betting is a delicate one and it will never reach a conclusion. In a fixed match only a few persons can be involved or on the contrary, all the club knows about the arrangement, the opponent team or the opponent players can agree with the terms and conditions, so as the match to end up with a certain score. Furthermore, the referees are involved too and because of the abnormal decisions that they make, the matches are discovered.

Coming back to the way these fixed matches affect the bettors, we can say that around this phenomenon of “tricking the system”, if we can put it this way, many people have claimed to have information from within a club and that they can offer 100% safe tips in exchange for some sums of money. You should never trust these people and never buy these tips that are supposing safe, because a fixed match will never be released to the public, because of the risk that this information might reach to some people and the club would get sanctioned.

Secondly, a fixed match between two teams or two players (seldom) will not have an incredible outcome, it is not a tip with an astronomical odd, so as it is heard over the internet. A fixed match in football is not done by completely turning over the score from the time break to the end of it, as many bettors lately say, it is not done through a match with ten scored goals, it simply is a normal outcome, but that is known before the match begins. Those that know about these deals bet huge amounts of money and rest assured they are not looking for possible clients over the internet to which to sell a 100% safe tip for a bunch of Euro.

Either we admit it or not, fixed matches have always existed in sports, they exist even now and will continue to be a reality as long as money is considered a priority in today`s society. No matter how huge are the efforts to stop these events that have absolutely nothing to do with sports and that do anything else but to destroy the image of the clubs, they surely can not be stopped. For people that have this as a sole purpose, they will perfect their actions and one day (a black day for us all) we will no longer have a quality sport, a real sport, but we will simply watch as to a theater, we will see how players break their principles in order to win money and we will be witnessing a business that takes place between sports clubs.

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