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The truth about high odds, fixed matches and wonder picks

In many countries a new phenomenon has taken shape. Bets are mistaken with the lottery slips and many bettors have begone the rush for gold, if we can call these odds like this because they can bring winnings over 3o times higher. Yes, it is a new trend that catches you, but let us see how things actually are.

How to bet on high odds and brag with the winnings?

  • The easiest method is to modify the bets using the inspect element found in your browser. With inspect element you can find sufficient data on Google, practically you can easily change the content of a page. After you have modified the data, it is easy to hit a print screen and brag with the winnings, you can even sell fabulous tips. Some prefer to just brag with the winnings and become popular, but they can make important sums of money out of it. Those that still dream of paying their debts or mortgage with money from sport betting are the best customers.
  • Another method is choosing bets like First Half/Second Half or correct score and bet on different matches with high odds. With a little luck we can make some money and gain a profit. We can brag about making money and even start selling picks. This method is necessary for the slips played at regular bookmakers because it is harder to modify a slip in Photoshop.
  • Of course, the method that all talk about is the one with Photoshop, modifying the image in an image editor means we can change the data. With a little experience you can obtain remarkable results.

In conclusion, it is quite easy to fool someone, especially a bettor who wants to get rich over night. Even though he does not realize it, most of the times his pockets are empty, but he keeps on dreaming to receive from the “source” a good tip on a huge odd.

The test of huge odds on Facebook

We were asked several times why don`t we post the huge odds that brought us the winnings, because everyone is nuts over these lotteries. We think that professional bettors should avoid these posts. An experienced player already knows what strategy to use and how to make money on the long term. We can not believe that people still believe in the odds posted on this social network website, this is not the way to gain information and we will explain everything to you.

So, let us come back to our test. We have posted some good odds on Facebook and on our website to help bettors win a little more. Unfortunately, all the amateur players have taken the picks posted and played them, dreaming of a huge win and afterwards they got mad and said the picks are good for nothing, again I say, they deserve their faith. Every time we posted some picks, no one said, thanks, this is great, I actually won, of course, there might be some exceptions. When we have placed slips on huge odds, we received tens of private messages and hundreds of comments.

Everyone wants to find out the secret of sports betting and all the reliable sources, but these things do not exist. For example, we have played various types of picks and with a little analysis on our part, we have won a considerable large sum, even though we played 3-4 types of bets, correct score and Half Time/ Full Time. Of course, we had luck too.

We apologize for all the bettors that have been with us for so many years, but these actions are only made to bring profit for the one that posts. He will gain your trust and then ask for money in order to sell you the pick, sooner or later you will not be able to win anything from sports bets.

These strategies have been long tested and we can guarantee that in no time you will remain penniless. You do not believe us? Try and see it for yourself then.

Even though it is hard to admit it, there are bettors that do not know what they are doing. This is the reason people started selling picks, they do not even care if it is a winning one or not, they just want to have fun and win some extra cash, as one of the fans said. If you want to remain at the amateur level, we understand you, but if you want to evolve, you are invited to join a discussion forum, where you have experts to learn from. Some have a great betting experience.

Mybetinfo.com has never asked money from anyone

We know that everything is a big scam and it was conceived so as to fool you. Mybetinfo.com has never asked for money from anyone and it will never do, it will remain free as long as this field exists. Payed picks bring more money than any other website created through hard work that does not sell illusions. If you are a serious bettor and you have time, join the community and your perspective over sports bets will change in a few months.

The matches and the picks “directly from the source” will never be made public!

In these 10 years we have entered the world of sports betting and we are talking at a global level, we have discovered many secrets and we obtained information that is not available to most bettors. Yes! There are fixed matches and those that receive the tip win impressing sums of money, but one will never sell the tip for money when he can play it and thus win more. From our experience, we do not believe in any wonder websites and we have proved this on numerous occasions on betting forum. Regardless, some do not want to learn from other`s mistakes.

But wait ! I have received 2-3 correct picks at high odds!

You probably received some, we just hope you did not pay for them. Another scam used nowadays is the following. A match is chosen and you have 4-6 scores on high odds, variants such as Half Time/Full Time can be used too. We divide all the high odds fanatics into 6 or 9 groups. If we have 90 bettors, 10 of them will receive a pick. At the end, 10 of them will pay the correct pick and the rest 80 will buy the next time from another one, or if they are beginners, they will buy the second time too, not all are winning slips. This was a quick idea and we are sure that there are people out there expert into ripping off bettors. Do not waste your money, wake up to reality.

Why do you bet? Passion, business or lottery?

Even though you do not have money, do not build castles in the sky. There are cases when people turned a few dollars into hundreds and it happened more than once. Sports bets are a hobby, but many want to earn more money and they forget that when it comes to this, you practically have two chances. You can either play it as the lottery and face the almost null chances, things are more tragic when through betting on high odds you lose all your winnings. Or you can see it as a business in which you make risky investments. In case of a business, no one risks losing the money on high odds.

You do not know yet any winning strategies? There are bettors that get bored, they place a dollar because they want to become part of the sports betting phenomenon and so they enter groups to talk about subjects like these. Just like I have said, high odds attract hundreds of bettors. We have proved that everything is a scam and we hope many will actually listen to us.

Do you want to talk about fixed matches?

There are sports bettors that are aware of everything above mentioned, but they like talking about fixed matches and hearing theories or playing on high odds. Of course, you can find on many forums subjects regarding fixed matches or discussions about the signs that indicate a fixed match.

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