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The types of corner bets offered by Bet365 online bookmaker

Bets on corners are not that often played because many consider them as based more on luck and less on analysis.

Just like in the case of bets on goals, here you can make an analysis based on the gaming style of the teams. The way they attack counts, if they prefer the “British” game, based more on sides play, then the chances of the corners to be kicked rise. You can see whether a team has a high or low average of corners kicked. If a team contains good offensive players that like high passes, it means there will probably be many corners. Another important aspect for corner bets is linked to the coach. Regardless a team has an average of nine corners per match, if the coach was recently changed with one of a different mentality that prefers a defensive game, then the statistics will surely change too.

At Bet365.com there are several types of bets:

  • full time number of corners: here you bet on the total number of corners kicked during a game.
  • first half number of corners: you bet in the number of corners that will be played only in the first half.
  •  bets on compared corners: bet on the team that will kick more corners.
  • handicap bets on corners: one of the teams receives a handicap, if you bet on that team she has to kick more corners than the opposing team + handicap (for example -3.5 handicap on corners – the bet is a winning one if the team you bet on kicks four corners more than the opponent).
  • time of first corner: bet on the time interval the first corner will be kicked.
  • number of corners per team: bet on the number of corners kicked by one of the teams.
  • the team that kicks “x” corners: bet on the team that first reaches “x” corners kicked or you can bet that neither of them will kick “x” corners, where “x” is a limit established by the bookmaker.
  • the first corner: here you bet on the team that kicks the first corner.
  • last corner: bet on the team that will kick the last corner.
  • multiple corners: this is a special type of bet where you have to bet on the corners kicked during the first half, multiplied with the number of corners kicked in the second one.
  • 10th minute corners: bet on the number of corners kicked up to the 10th minute.


When you bet on full time number of corners or first half number of corners, bets on compared corners, handicap bets, you need to keep in mind that there is an option of “exact x corners”. In general, bets that do not have the draw option are those of “over x.5 corners”, “handicap x.5 corners” and so on.

In order for a corner to be valid, it has to be kicked (during a match or time span). If you bet on more than 13 corners and in the extra time a 14th corner is given but is not kicked, then the bet is lost. The same thing applies for “first corner” “10th minute corner” and “number of corners per team”.

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