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Top 3 gambling fantasies

Literally everyone fantasizes on winning the lottery, even those that never bought a lottery ticket in their lives. But the regular gambler usually has more complex fantasies, albeit consciously knowing that these are just it – fantasies. This is why when they do come true it is called a miracle. So let’s see the most common three fantasies that gamblers have.


  1. Win a 10+ team parlay
    Picking a winner in sport betting is already hard enough, but winning a 10-team parlay is almost impossible. In parlay betting, gamblers are picking a winner in more than one event and most agencies offer the gamblers the chance of picking up to 15 games on one ticket. Of course, the chances of winning decrease the more games the bettor adds to the ticket and in the same time the payout increases. A 10-team parlay pays 300-to-1 usually albeit the actual odds of winning are lower than 1000-to-1. A bettor from Romania actually succeeded in winning a 16-team parlay which is a miracle. For the rest of us, it’s just a fun fantasy.
  2. Hit a royal flush in video poker
    Video poker is famous for its equal chances of winning each time one plays a hand. Hitting a royal flush is even more difficult than winning a 10-team parlay as the chances are roughly 1 in 40,000 every hand. It is fun to dream about hitting that 4000 coin payout but the instances of this actually happening are closer to urban legends and this is why it’s mostly a fantasy.
  3. Roll at a craps table for over an hour
    The feeling in a casino when a shooter gets on a roll and just doesn’t miss is overwhelming as more and more people are gathering around you. The fun part is that almost everyone at the table is winning money which provides a greater incentive.
    However, you can call yourself lucky if you get on a roll for 10 minutes. When it’s half an hour it’s outstanding and if you breach the one hour barrier then you’ll probably become a legend in the area. The record is being held by a New Jersey granny who rolled it for four hours and 18 minutes. The odds for such a performance are roughly 5.6 billion to 1. In other words, that was a miracle.

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