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Top 3 lowest house edges

It is almost common knowledge, even amongst the less experienced gamblers, that there are some bets in games in a casino that come with a very low house edge such as wagering a ‘don’t pass/don’t come’ on a craps table (only 1.36% house edge) or the Baccarat game which is the simplest game in a casino and also comes with a very low casino edge.

But, if the gambler uses the correct strategy and uses it in a perfect manner, there are three games in which casino edge is lower than 0.5%.

3. Spanish 21
This game is a different version of blackjack which is played with decks of 48 cards (the 10s are removed). In this game, one can double down on any number of cards, surrender after doubling.This game is more complex than blackjack and consequently involves using a more complex strategy on the behalf of the gambler. Using the strategy perfect, the house edge is slightly larger than 0.4% and besides that, it is a lot more fun involved than in standard blackjack.

2. Blackjack
Albeit blackjack is simpler than Spanish 21, the house edge for blackjack can be even smaller, depending on the rules of the casino, which is the gambler’s obligation to read thoroughly prior to engaging in gambling. But, if played using a perfect basic strategy, the house edge for blackjack goes down to as low as 0.28%.

1. Full pay deuces wild Video Poker
This game is almost entirely different than Jack or Better and requires a good strategy on the behalf of the gambler. Basically, the gambler needs to find a machine that is paying natural royals at 800-to-1, four deuces at 200-to-1, wild royals at 25-to-1, five of a kind at 15-to-1, straight flushes at 9-to-1, five four of a kind at 5-to-1, full houses at 3-to-1, straights and flushes at 2-to-1, and three of a kind at 1-to-1. Using the optimal strategy when playing it and playing it right, the gambler will make more money than he loses on the long run because this is the only casino game that has a player edge of 0.77% (or a house edge of minus 0.77%).

These edges are being calculated under the presumption that the player has an impeccable strategy. This mention is important because simply knowing what games offer the lowest house edge does not necessarily imply that one will make more money in a casino.

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