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Top 3 ridiculous gambling laws

States throughout the world are making efforts to maintain the balance between the ever increasing gambling industry and the sector of the public that wants them banned. These efforts usually go towards legalizing more and more forms of gambling.

However, in this process, some passages of laws remain in the books and, when applied, can indeed be both ridiculous and ludicrous at the same time.

So here are the three most ridiculous gambling laws that one can find.

3. No betting on elections
Betting on elections result has become a common practice throughout the world and the sportsbooks take this seriously and publish odds on each election race in every election year.So, if you have strong feelings about your favorite candidate and your friend feels the same for another candidate, why not put a friendly wager on the line? If you live in South Carolina, USA, make sure the police doesn’t find out because a section of the state code forbids wagering on elections results and there’s a mandatory 500$ fine for this and punishment can go up to one month jail time.

2. No bets in a bar
The Bexley town in Ohio, USA, has a law that makes it illegal to play any game of chance in any place of public accommodation, including hotels, restaurants, taverns, stores, and so on and so forth. This law means, in practice, that if an American and a German are watching the World Cup in a sports bar on a match between USA and Germany, they are not allowed to bet against each other for the winning team without risking being liable for punishment.

1. Mathematics gets around gambling law
In Canada, winning a sweepstakes is not enough for one to be able to claim the prize. In addition to winning a sweepstakes one must also do a simple math problem in order to be able to collect the prize. This is due to the Canadian anti-gambling law that makes it illegal to sell chances of winning the prize.The promoters found a way to stay in business. They offer a free method of entering each contest and then task every winner with an allegedly skill-testing question. Doing this, the game is no longer a game of chance, in a legal sense, but rather a contest requiring skill.

If an anti-gambling law can be avoided by asking the winner to show they master second grade mathematics skills, then undoubtedly the law is ridiculous and ludicrous.

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  1. Is not ridiculous to stop people betting in a BAR, they go there to drink so is not right to let them bet on the influence of alcohol.

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