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Top 5 sport bet sites

Betting on sports is something common these days, people are doing it all the time. They bet on their team, on sports that they don’t even watch, on the finals and they have from where to choose, because the betting companies have a wide pool from which you can pick. Due to the evolution of the internet and to the fact that people are having less and less free time, betting companies also have the option to place your sport bet online on their platform. There are many platforms on which you can bet but I would like to present you the top 5.


  1. Bovda Sportsbook- they are known for having the best customer service, they offer quick payouts and from the US they have the best poker rooms. They offer an initial deposit of 10% up to 50$. On their site you can bet on almost any sport which gives them an added value. If you call them, there’s going to be a person who will answer your phone 24/7. They have a 93% satisfaction from their clients, on a sites that is doing reviews.
  2. Topbet- this is a new online sportsbook which has gathered in a small period of time many players. Their satisfaction rate is 89%. They offer an initial deposit of 50%. Besides sport they also have a casino in which you can gamble all the games you want.
  3. Wagerweb- is in this business for almost 20 years. Their advantage is that they offer lots of bet options, interesting deposits and bonuses. The satisfaction rate is 85%.
  4. GTBETS- this site is very new in the business and the management team are the guys from VIP sport, so there is no wonder why they have started which such a boom. Their satisfaction rate in already 78 %. They also have an interesting initial deposit, 100% up to 150 $ and 50 % up to 500$.
  5. JustBet’s- they have a good payout speed, which is one of their good point, this and the fact that they offer a 50% initial deposit and for Casino 10% in chips. The chapter on which they still need work to do is the Customer Service, a thing which keeps them at the same level. Their score is 78%.

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