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Top four casinos in the world

Casinos are like heaven for gamblers, there they can feel the competition and the bigger the casino is the more people would want to go there because they feel attracted by the variety of games and by the luxury that the casino has to offer. Being more exquisite means that you are an important player if you gamble there at the big tables. Very often, casinos are near hotels and this encourages gaming tourists to come more often in the casino from their hotel. Even with the economic situation which is affecting all sectors, casinos are still making profit out of the people`s addiction. In this article I will present you the biggest casinos in the world and what makes them special.


  1. The Venetian Macao- situated in the city of Macao, it has 5460.00 square feet and 3.00 gaming machines. The hotel situated near the casino has 3.000 rooms and 24 restaurants. It has the look of a castle from Venice with paintings everywhere. Also the Venetian Macao includes a gondola ride, 3 malls and 870 tables for gamers, which is quite huge.
  2. City of Dreams- situated also in the city Macao, the City of Dreams has 420.000 square feet, 1.350 gaming machines and 14 bars and restaurants. It is next to the Venetian Macao but it’s different because it’s a casino for young couples. It has a more young architecture and it’s considered to be the loudest casino in Macao. The hotel has 1.400 rooms available.
  3. Foxwoods Resorts Casino- situated in Connecticut this casino has 340.000 square feet and it’s a resort which a huge hotel right next to it. It has 7.000 gaming machines and 29 restaurant and bars. Foxwoods has more than 400 gaming tables for poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and 824 available rooms in the hotel. Also the Foxwoods has a special two floors place just for children.
  4. Casino Porte- located in the city Macau, Casino Porte has 270.00 square feet and 320 gaming machines. The number of restaurants and bars is a little bit small, only 3 but Casino Porte compensates with 150 table for poker games. The hotel has 423 rooms and an East- West architecture with elements from China. The advantage of Casino Porte is the fact that it is the only hotel in the historical center of Macao which is a UNESCO heritage.

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