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How to play Turkish Rummy (Okey) – Rummy card games

Turkish Rummy (Okey) is basically the Turkish version of Rummy. This game consists of 4 players and 106 tiles. The tiles that will be used for game play are very similar to the traditional cards, which are divided up by four different suits. Aside from the tiles, there will also be a false joker, which plays a big part in the game as well. Players who are just learning the game should familiarize themselves with all of the cards and rules before the game starts so you have a better understanding of how to play the game and what you are actually supposed to be doing.

When playing Turkish Rummy (Okey), a player must understand all of the rules in order to be able to play the game correctly. In order to win the game a player must be able to meld their 14 cards or be getting 7 pairs that all have the same color and value. This is very similar to how Traditional Rummy works but has a few differences which set the games apart from one another. Other players in the game will be penalized if a single player is able to complete these tasks first. Points will be subtracted from every player depending on how the winner was determined. If the winner was declared by finding 7 pairs or using the false joker, then 4 points will be taken away from each player except for the winner. If there was no special stipulation that helped the player to win, then only 2 points will be taken away from remaining players.

In the game of Turkish Rummy (Okey) each player will be given 14 tiles and then a die will be cast in order to determine which player will start the game. The game play will be moved counterclockwise starting with the first player and then moving onto the next one afterwards. Once the order has been chose, the joker card will be picked up by picking the next card and then flipping it over. The false joker will be a single point higher than the card that is flipped but consist of the same color. Once all of this has been put in order, then the game will begin.

The basics of Turkish Rummy (Okey) are pretty simple to understand once you actually begin playing. However, for new players who are just learning the game it may seem like a daunting task to choose an actual place to play and enjoy the game online. Fortunately at Rummy Royal they know how hard it can be to find all of your favorite card games in one place so they have done all of the work for you. Here you can find this particular game as well as many other games that are based off of the Traditional Rummy. As a new player they want you to feel welcome and will reward you with $5 for free that requires no deposit in order to receive the bonus.

Turkish Rummy (Okey) is a game that many people are currently learning how to play and really love the excitement that is offered by it. The game can allow you to participate in lots of action but not take up so much time that you can’t enjoy more than one game. Rummy Royal gives you the benefit of playing online from the comfort of your own home or office any time of day or night. You can choose to play for free or once you have a better understanding of the game, you can play for real cash based on what you feel comfortable doing.

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