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Types of gambling games described

By definition, gambling games mean a game of change, the act of playing a game in the hope of winning. What makes gambling games so popular since the beginning of games is the mirage of winning something in a rather easy way. This make people addicted to gambling, the idea of winning takes over the idea of losing and in the moment of playing people are feeling very confident. That’s why people during the course of time have created many types of gambling games. In the next lines I will briefly present you the gambling games that exist.

One of the gambling games that is very popular is Bingo. Even though we know how to play Bingo, in fact, this game has more versions, like Bingo the card game, buzzword bingo,Keno, Roadkill Bingo and many others. Also there are national bingo competitions especially in America. Poker is the most online played gambling game. Since the moment poker was played in New Orleans in 1829 poker became very popular due to the fact that only the rich people were playing it. Another category of gambling games is the dice games, in which people are using dices and other things in order to play, for example Monopoly is considered to be a dice game. There are tens of these types of games like, Button Men, LCR, Dead Man’s Dice and the Big Show. The idea is that these games can be play with cards, on board and with small figures, if they involve dices, then they are dice games. Blackjack is a gambling game played with cards in which you play against your opponent and against the dealer. Like poker,  blackjack is played with the same types of cards and is also very popular, there were made numerous movies based on this game. Blackjack has more versions, like Aces and eights, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21 and Chinese Blackjack. In all of these types of games you need to make 21 points, but the way you do it is different and the cards have a different value.

In the first part of the article I’ve presented you some gambling games, Bingo, Blackjack, Dice games and the well known Poker but there are many more gambling games. Rummy is also considered to be a gambling game. Rummy has many versions and all of them are really different. One of the most known Rummy version is Canasta which is a card game version of rummy. This version is played in two teams of two people with two pairs of poker cards. Another version of rummy is Mahjong, known for the version on personal computers, Mahjong is also played live and it has 133 Chinese symbols on the cards. Also there are variants of rummy, like Bing Rummy, Indian Rummy, Tonk, Dummy rummy and many others.

Lotteries are also considered gambling games. Lotteries are gambling games which in many situation are controlled by the state and they have a formal institution, often called the national agency of lottery which controls the winnings that are involved in lottery. The people have a variety of numbers from 1 to 49 in some cases and they can choose six of them and if the lottery machine chooses the same numbers that person wins the big pot. What is important to mention is that there can be more than one winner and in this case the pot is divided between them. You can also win if you have 5 numbers correct but the winnings will be smaller.

Another gambling game is the slots machine, which can be seen in every gambling place, and in lots of bars. The slot machine, is a gambling machine in which you first put money inside and then you can play. They are mechanical and work randomly, so there is no strategy here you just push a button and then watch if you are lucky or not. The aspect of the slot machine is the same, but the actual game that you are playing can be different, from fruits to numbers and pictures.

Roulette, is a game played in casino which can bring you big sums of money. This game is played on a table with numbers from 1 to 37 and divided in two colors and then you have to put a bet on the numbers or on the color. If the small ball which is controlled by the dealer ends up in the number on which you have bet you are the winner.

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