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Understanding the rummy game, Kalooki 40

If you like the online card games then you have to play Kalooki 40 because it’s a very addictive online rummy game that has simple rules and that can be played using the services of RummyRoyal. This excellent online rummy website has a big experience in the online rummy field, being known as the best rummy provider.

Kalooki 40 was invented many years ago and it has attracted millions of fans from all over the world thanks to the great experience that it provides.

The great thing is that now you can play online Kalooki 40 as a registered customer of RummyRoyal, an amazing rummy website which has many years of experience and which is known as the best rummy website. You also must know that RummyRoyal offers a free 5$ welcome bonus that you can use to play online Kalooki 40 with all of your friends.

Kalooki 40

Kalooki 40

We must inform you that this Kalooki 40 game has an interesting rule which says that a player must meld sequences of sets and runs that have at least 40 points. This rule makes that game more difficult but exciting.

Apart from the rule mentioned above, the Kalooki 40 game is very similar to the Traditional Rummy game.

The cards have the following values: Ace = 1/11 points, Royal cards = 10 points, Jokers = have the value of the cards that it represents, the rest of the cards have the value of the face numbers.

The goal of the Kalooki 40 game is to form melds using the cards in your hand or to get rid of all the cards in the hand and lay down the last card on the discard pile.

You have to know that the players must do two major movers:

Drawing a card from the deck or from the discard pile.
Discarding a card to the discard pile.

The melding/building must be done between these two moves. Also, the great thing is that you can use Jokers to replace cards in melds (for example: if you have a 8 and 10 from the same rank, you can use the Joker to replace the 9 and form a set).

The games ends when a players manages to meld all of his cards gradually or at once.

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