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Warning ! Mechanical games and slot machines get us addicted fast !

Mechanical games or slot machines as they are known by most players can get us addicted faster and at a higher degree than placing sport bets. Maybe you ask yourself, why is this thing happening? In the first place, you have to think about the slot machines, the cash flow is an extremely quick one. If you lose one day at sport bets 20 euro, the same amount of money will last you in slot games less than 10-15 minutes, if you are out of luck.

This way, you can end up having greater losses in a short period of time. From here, it all begins. You start to spend and lose money that you can not afford to lose and you start borrowing money in order to win part of the sum back so as to clear some of your debts, but unfortunately, they begin to increase than to decrease. This means being addicted and you will suffer on many levels besides the financial one, your character and your health will be affected to.

These mechanical games are meant to win money, not to offer it. Of course, they have a winning percentage, but it is significantly lower compared to the money that is invested, this makes them disadvantageous from the mathematical point of view. It happens many times for you to win some money, but most of the times you lose. It all depends on the cash flow of the machine in that specific day. If you hit one that has been played several times and has not offered yet any winnings, then your luck is explainable. But in most of the cases, once you have won a small stake, you feel the need to return and invest more money in order to win more, but in the end, you will lose everything.

If you search over the internet facts about slot machines, you will see that there are many persons addicted to games of chance that have ended up selling their phones, cars and homes in order to play and finally hit the jackpot. It is pointless to destroy yourself this way, your personal and family life, because the risks are far greater than the winnings. Just think that you are making other people rich.

If you can not cure this addiction you have the chance to play slot games online, where you can play with fictive money without taking any risks or without having anything to lose. In the same time, you can have a really good time.

There are numerous statistics regarding the winnings and investments made in slot machines and the winnings are extremely low, so this game is really not worth playing. We advise you to give up games of chance and if you want to spend your time doing something else that can bring you a profit, then we suggest you try sports betting, they are far less dangerous than slot machines.

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