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What are the best 5 gambling books that will definitely help you win more money?

Because gambling is now very common and almost all the people gamble at least one time in their life, an entire industry has developed around this hobby. There are special games for smart phones, movies about gambling, t-shirts and all type of other stuff like souvenirs, special meetings and associations for gamblers. Also because of this popularity, writers have decided that we need to have books that talk about gambling. In this article, I will present you what the best five gambling books ever wrote.

  1. The Complete Gamsters wrote by Charles Cotton. For a better understanding of this book, you need to know that it was written in 1674, so you have to transfer yourself in that period, where gambling was a little bit different. This book is considered to be a guide about gambling. In that period, people didn’t consider they could use mathematics in order to improve their odds, as the theory of probability wasn’t a thing that they used back then, so they were only using good luck for gambling and thought that this was the only way. Also gambling was not considered a business as it now, as it was only about fooling people and taking their money. In this book, you can find all this information and also learn about other gambling games.
  2. The Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne. This book written by Scarnee in 1961 is considered to be an encyclopedia of gambling, because it contains almost every aspect of gambling. Scarney was considered to be one of the most important figures in gambling for a long time and also the biggest card magician that lived in that period, so his book contains lots of interesting stuff written by a person who know what he was talking about. The reason I said that this book is an encyclopedia is because it contains rules, discussions, winning tips, information about how you can cheat at gambling and also about how you can use mathematics in gambling. Being involved in the gambling world, Scarne also presented in his book interesting stories about the world of gambling and its characters.
  3. The third book that I want to present you is the book of David G Schawrtz called Roll the Bones which was written in 2006. Schawrts was the director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and his book is a little bit different from what you expected from the title of it. Being a researcher, Schawrts wrote in his book, based on the studies that his center did, a book about how gambling works and affects our society from the begging of time when people made a bet whether to go outside the cave and face the animals or not. The book contains information about the origins of such games such as dice, lotteries, cards. It also presents the gambling world from the 18th century, when Voltaire was gambling.
  4. The biggest game in town by Al Alvarez. Alvarez, an literary critic and poet wrote this book in 1983. The biggest game in town presents the world of gambling in the city that has revolutionized this hobby, Vegas. Through his book, he lets us to see the world of gambling and the secrets of casinos. The book has stories of real gangsters who lost everything while gambling, robbed a bank and then they lost their money again.
  5. Lay the Favorite, by Beth Raymer. This book is a memoir of the author and it contains information that at the first look might make y think that there are a little bit impossible to happen. He tells stories about the underworld world, which he knew while he was a collecting agent. He experienced the world of gambling from a young age and this scared him quite a bit. It’s an interesting book which I recommend you to read in your free time even if you are not passionate about gambling.

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