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What are the best top 10 movies made about gambling?

Gambling and casinos was always an interesting subject for movie directors. The excitement of the games combined with charismatics actors in the main role created over the time some great movies. In the next article I want to present you the movies which are considered by many the best ten ever made.

  1. Here we have a movie made in 1966 called Big Hand for a Little Lady. This is one of the few comedies made about gambling. The main actors are Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward and Jason Robards. In this movie Henry Fonda enters a game of poker and bets all his family savings. He suffers a heart attack in the middle of the game and them his wife need to continue to play for him. It’s a typical old west movie with funny dialogues.
  2. Rounders. A nice movie made in 1998 and with Matt Damon in the leading role. He is a normal student in New York which discovers his passions and talent for playing poker. After that he starts to visit the underworld of poker and to win more and more money.
  3. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) is an interesting movie. The subject of the movie is a regular band from the UK who played some card games and lost the money. The interesting part starts when they have to give back half of millions pounds to an mobster from the East End in only one week. Needing the money they start to all sort of schemes in order to get them, stealing, robbing. It’s a movie with a huge success in the UK because it represents their lives in an honest way.
  4. The Pope of Greenwich Village. Two friends who one day decide to steal from the Italian Mafia in order to make some easy money. Then they go to the race track to but a huge bet on something that they think is a sure thing.
  5. Croupier (2000) is also a wonderful British movie with Clive Owen in the leading role. He is a dealer in a casino, and what is interesting about this movies is that it shows the world of gambling from the perspective of a dealer not of a gambler how we expected. The movie reveals the depiction of the casinos and how they operate. With interesting monologues and a lovely act Croupier is an interesting movie to watch.
  6. The Cincinnati Kid made in 1965. In this movie we find great actors, like Steve McQueen which the role of the Cincinnati Kid, Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden, Rip Torn and many others great actors.  In the movie the Cincinnati Kid want to beat The Man at poker in a honestly way. This movies present the subculture of poker in the 1930’s, and how poker was seen in that period. Like almost every movie, this one ends with an interesting final table game of poker.
  7. Casino ( 1995). I believe that if I say that this movie was directed by Martin Scorsese should be enough to believe that this is a great movie. If I add that Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are playing in it the situation get pretty clear  and you understand why to see this movie. What is not so known is that this movie is based on the true story of Lefty and how the Sardust Casino was demolished.
  8. Having won seven Academy Awards The Sting is consider a classic movie. It presents the story of a small group from Chicago who make a plan to fraud the big boss.
  9. The Gambler (1974.) A NYU professor who starts to gamble on sport activities and of course also loses some money and then the movie presents his self destruction which is presented in a very veritable manner by the actor.
  10. The Hustler (1961). If you haven’t seen this movie you need to change that. This movie is consider by many after 50 years one of the best movie about gambling. The movie is about a pool players who want to be the best and does everything he can to fulfill his dream. What makes this movie so great is the way in which it was written and the fact that it sends an idea.

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