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What are the most amazing bets placed on sports and how did the people do it?

Very often we hear at TV that somebody won a bet despite the odds were against him. He put the ben on a 7 to 1 chances and manage to make a lot of money out of it. This things really happen and some people are only counting on their instinct when it comes to sport bets The more bizarre this bets are the biggest the sum of money you will make in case of winning is. Since the sport betting systems exists there were some unbelievable situation and I would like to present you some of them.

The first one it happened at the African Cup of Nation at a match between Angola and Mali. The score was 4 to 0 for Angola with 12 minutes left of the game and in this case the odds for Mali to win were 1000 to 1. Nobody knew what will happened next except one brave man who take the risk and place a 5 dolar bet on Mali. 12 minutes later the score was 4 to 2 and in the added time Mali had the power to score another 2 goals. The man won on a single bet $5.000 with an odd of 1000 to 1. This game is considered to be one of the greatest comeback in the history of modern football.

This bet was also place on football in 2006 in the country where football is at its home, in England. At the beginning of the championship a guy from Newbury named Adrian Hayward but a strange £ 200 bet on the fact that Xabi Alonso a player from Liverpool in that period will score a goal during the championship from its own half. The odd for this to happen was 125 to 1 so you can guess that Alonso was not the best shooter of the team. One day, in a game against Luton the miracle happened, Alonso shoot a ball from his own half, the goalkeeper was not paying attention and it was a goal. Adrian received after the game £ 25.000.

Another interesting bet was the one in 1996 when somebody won a the odds of 25.000 to 1 if you can imagine that. This happened at the horse tracks where a jockey Frankie Dettori won al the seven races from the competitions. There was only a man who think this is possible and put a $59 bet from which he won $550.000.

In the first part of the article I presented you some of the most interesting winning made out of sport. People winning with an odd of 25.000 to 1 it’s not very common to see regardless of the spot. This unusual cases make people want to bet more and to take more risks.

Another interesting and unusual bet was the one made on Lewis Hamilton the McLaren driver in the F1. In 2008 Lewis won the F1 competition for the first time, but someone knew long before that he will become a champion of the track. Ten years before Lewis won the competition an unknown gambler place a £ 100 bet on Lewis that he will win someday the F1 competition. He place this bet after seeing Hamilton karting at the age of 13, he knew from the first time that he will become champion. The gambler won  £125.000 from this bet. Hamilton was really talented because at the age of 18 another guy bet £100 on him on an 100 to 1 odd and won.

Fred Craggs from Yorkshire had on his 60th birthday the biggest surprise ever. He went to a race trace and put 50p on 8 horses, accumulating the off at 2.000.000 to 1. He simply looked at the table and picked 8 horses with funny names without having some logic or knowledge. Incredible or not he really won. He won that they £1milion out of 50 p being one of the most incredible bets ever

This being said, when it comes to betting on sport you can see that having a strategy will not help you all the time, in some occasion is better to follow your first instinct because you never know when it can be your day.

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