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What are the most unusual casino games and how are they played?

People who think of themselves as serious gambler have tried many games before finding out something that they like and which they are really good at. Casinos offer the most known card games because they want to attract people in order to come at their place and gamble, but there are others which like to promote different games in order to make people interested in them.  Some of these games will be presented here in this article.

  1. Sic Bo. This is an interesting dice game that is very played in some parts of Asia. It’s similar to the more known game of craps but for Sic Bo one has to use three dices instead of two. You can bet here on combination from the three dices, for example big if the sum if between 11 and 17 or low if the sum if between 4 and 10.
  2. Pai Grow. It’s a seven-card game which you play against the dealer. This game goes like this – the seven cards are used to make two hands, one of five cards, and the other of two. If both the have a bigger sum than the dealer’s ones, you win.
  3. Chuck a luck. This is also a game hard to find in casino. You have to put three dices in a cage and then you bet on how the dice will land. You can bet on the number the dice will land on.
  4. War. Maybe you know this game since you were little. Now you can find this game in casinos and you can gamble on it.  The idea of the game is to have bigger cards than your opponent. If your card is bigger, you can take the opponent’s cars and you can use it against him.

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