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What are the prop bets and how do they work?

Proposition bet, also known as prop bet, refers to a bet made considering the probability of occurrence or non-occurrence, during a gambling game or an event that is not directly related with the gambling games and their final outcomes. Another definition refers to a one-of-a-kind bet. This term refers to a dare for money. In this context, the dared person will win the money if he succeeds the condition or he will pay the money if he fails.

At this moment, prop betting has begun to be a part of the modern poker culture. Michael Craig, a famous poker author discovered that poker gamblers use to fill their time when they are not at the poker table with more such endeavors. They are used to having gambling present all along their daily lives. Most of them are betting sports, the condition of the weather, music awards and other aspects of life.

This prop bets involve huge amounts of money and numerous players even used thousands of dollars to bet on flipping coins. For example, Hug Seed bet that will be able to learn how to do a standing backflip after a period of two months and won. Phil Hellmuth bet for $50.000 that he would be able to stand in the ocean for 18 hours, while the water was to reach his shoulders; he lost. Jeff Madsen, Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith bet include permanent tattoos representing the other player’s faces. After some shots, Andrew Robl gave Jay Kwik more than $40.000 in order to live for 25 days in a Bellagio Bathroom. When pride is involved, huge amounts of cash are changed during these peculiar bets.

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