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What are the single bets and how can one win money when placing them?

Sports betting is a true challenge for any of us, because we have to be realistic and accept that not everyone manages to be on the profit side or gain enormously. That is why we approach the safe bet method – single event bet. We know that the best way to win is to play as few events as possible on a ticket (preferably one), so why don’t you try it and see if you are content with results?

Not only this, but we struggle a lot and we spend a great deal of time to analyze statistics in order to decide what are the matches that we rely on when placing a prediction. We can just choose one match, have a hunch, and bet our money on it. No more headaches with other games, just one and if it’s meant to be a winning ticket, it’ll be.

The single bet is the most common one, where you bet on the outcome of one event and you win if the outcome is the right one. For example: you bet 10 euros on a draw between Bayern Munich and Chelsea (odds : 3.50) If you win, you get 10 x 3.50 = 35 euros. Of course, you can choose whatever outcome you want: double chance, number of goals, first goal, asian handicap etc. But in order to be able to bet a single event, you have to select those matches from major championships, like famous derbies, or competitions like UCL, UEFA, but if it’s Russia, Bulgaria and others weaker championships, you are allowed to bet on at least 3 events on a ticket. The same principle is applied to other sports as well, you can play a match from major competitions, and 3 less popular per ticket.

The real problem here is that most people wouldn’t settle for such low gains. Let’s take for eample Dinamo Moscow against Zenit St Petersburg, with guests being the favorites – odds : 2.00. If you play 10 euros, you only double your stake. But what if you play 100 euros, or 200 euros? The gain sounds much more attractive, isn’t it?

Just do your homework and inform yourself about the two teams before placing a prediction. But do you have the money to risk on one single match? Of course, don’t forget the element that makes the difference: the element of surprise! But that’s gambling for you. When you have some money to spend, and you have a hunch, just go with it.

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