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What are the top 10 countries that like to gamble and how much is spent every year on it?

Gambling has become a daily activity in many countries. People have an open mind when it comes to gambling, they don’t see it as an addiction like for example drugs and alcohol, they are used with the idea of gambling. But not all the countries gamble in the same way. You might be tempted to say that the Americans are the biggest gamblers but read this article to the end and you will see if you were wright.

  1. Spain. Maybe you didn’t think that Spain with be in this top but the truth is the gaming losses per adult is $ 418 which is pretty much given the situation in Spain. Gambling is legal only from 1977, and in this short period they’ve learn how to gamble on anything, from football to cards. During Christmas the biggest lottery in Spain brings $1billion euros in prizes. And to prove how much they like to gamble, four from five Spanish bought a ticket to the Christmas lottery despite the fact that some thickets were $ 200.
  2. Greece. You can see until now that countries which in the current moment have economically problems are also countries that gamble a lot. It’s about the dream of winning money in an easy way. In Greece the gaming losses per adult are 420. Also lotteries are their favorite way of gambling, reaching a pot of 19million euros. In Greece we can find one of the biggest gambling platform, OPAP.
  3. Norway. With $448 losses per Adult, the Norwegians like to bet on different things, such as cards, slot machines, and football. In 2008 a national survey showed that 88% of the people are gamblers for a couple of years. This big number of gamblers exists even though the government is trying to reduce this addiction by reducing the numbers of slots machine from 22.270 to more than a half, 10.000. This attempt didn’t have any results, only Norsk Tipping, a gaming company had revenues last year more that $2,1 billion which means that the Norwegians are still betting .
  4. Hong Kong. Even though the casinos are not allowed in Hong Kong the gaming losses is $503. They are allowed to gamble only on lotteries, horse racing and soccer. Their advantage is the Macau which is the biggest gambling city in the world is at only one hour from Hong Kong and they really take advantage of this. Hong Kongers are known for their problems, one from 20 people are having huge problems with gambling and they start very quickly even at the age of 6.
  5. Italy. Lovely Italy also haves a problem with gambling, especially with the slots. In 2010 this machines generated almost half of the money made on gambling which is pretty huge. They also bet on sport, soccer being the most important sport for them. An adult losses at gambling $517 in a year.
  6. Finland. Here a regular adult spends $553 at gambling, and 41% of the adult population are gambling every week. Having this problem they’ve raises the minimum age for playing the slot machine from 15 to 18. An interesting thing is that the lottery is own by the state and they are reusing the money they made in educational projects.
  7. Canada. The Canadians are betting $568 per year. Here in Canada there are some regions who are gambling more often, for example in the province of Saskatechewan the average sum gambled in a year by an adult is $841. Their favorite gambling game is the lottery, they like it so much they even bring lotteries ticket as a gift to friends.
  8. Ireland. The luck of the Irish maybe is the one who make them have a gamble $588 every year per adult. They like going to casinos and place their bets there.
  9. Singapore. Even though their first casino was build recently, in Singapore an adult losses $1.174 which is more than double than the other countries. The government is trying to stop that with different moves like introducing a fee of $ 100 for locals when they enter the casino or having a family exclusion order which allows you as a family member to ban somebody from your family to go in a casino.
  10. Australia. The winner is Australia with a gaming losses of $ 1.288. They are crazy about gambling, and the gaming companies are allowing them to bet on whatever they want. Slots are the most played in Australia bringing around 70% of the total income of gamblings.

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