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What NOT to do in order to win more at sports betting?

There is a series of mistakes many bettors make sooner or later, this being the main reason for which many start losing when betting on sports.

Stop playing offline and open an online account. You will no longer need to pay taxes, you have higher odds and a richer offer of matches and betting options from which to choose and bet at any hour of the day or night, regardless that you are at home or away. This way you won’t miss your favorite bets and you will have higher winnings, taking full advantage when you win the slip of the day. Due to these things, there are higher chances for making money faster online than offline.

Establish a starting bank, a game plan and control the bankroll management. Many bettors are used to going with 1 Euro to the bookmaker and say that they don’t care whether they win or lose. But one Euro today, one tomorrow and in a year we can reach a considerable sum. You have probably seen pictures over the internet with players who had gathered hundreds or thousands of losing slips. Probably, if they would have saved each Euro instead of betting they would have had by now a considerable sum of money. It is recommended to know from the beginning the budget allowed for sports bet, how much to bet on each slip and what sort of tips to choose.

Sports betting

Sports betting

Place lips with few tips. The more bets you have, the greater the odds for winning drop. Many bettors will say that they prefer winning seldom but a high sum of money, rather than small sums more often. Still, the truth is that on the long run, you win more by playing on realistic odds. The problem is that the more matches there are on a slip, the more the probability of winning all of them drop. For example, if you have a slip with ten matches, for you to win all of them must be correct. It is enough for you to lose a single match and the whole slip is a losing one. But if you bet on single bet or if you played a combo with maximum 2-4 matches, then the chances to win rise and thus you will be able to have a steady income from sports bets.

Keep the stake and don’t make any rush decisions when losing a series of slips. This is the main problem of many bettors. Many get impatient when losing a series of slips and decide to raise the stake suddenly hoping that they can quickly recover their losses. Many don’t think over what can happen if their following bet is also lost. The answer is quite simple, a big hole in the budget. The best and safest method you can take is to continue to bet using the usual stake and slowly recover the lost money. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing the entire bankroll. Just as you came across a negative series of results, you can come a cross a winning one.

Never bet when you are tired, nervous or simply had a bad day. A state of tiredness or nervousness can bring lack of focus when you analyze a match, reason for which there appears the risk of having poorer results than usual. Likewise, if you have a day with bad results in sports bets, avoid betting that day, because you probably won’t be inspired when analyzing a match and hastily choose tips, wishing to quickly recover the lost bets. This approach usually leads to poor results and a big hole in your budget.

Never bet without analyzing the match first. If you put a slip randomly with 6-7 favorite teams (even at odds of 1.50 – 1.70) it is inevitable not to lose at least one. If you carefully analyze each match before betting, you can see which matches can bring you an unpleasant surprise and thus you can avoid them. You raise the chances of constantly winning in sports bets and to have more often winning slips when avoiding potential surprises.

Never bet on teams you are fan of, but be objective when choosing a tip. Many have the tendency to bet on their favorite team when they have an important match. Still, you can be a fan without losing money on your favorite team. It is best to have logical arguments when choosing a to and never base yourself on favoritism and hopes. A professional bettor will never consider these aspects.

Never copy others slips. Many websites have the tendency to promote and praise their daily slips and many times they modify the statistics of the previous days for them to look better. Many bettors, being spelled by the possibility of winning a high sum of money without any efforts, copy that slip. In the end, most reach the same conclusion, they should have better analyzed the match on their own instead of putting others slips. It is not a bad thing to get inspired from other people’s tips, but at the end it is better to be responsible for the tips you chose. More than this, we don’t recommend buying tips from other paid tips website, because in most cases these are only pranks and you won’t be able to win any money like this.

Learn from your own mistakes. The problem is that many bettors, although they make a mistake once, they can’t stop and make it a second time. It can happen sooner or later to make a mistake because of the lack of experience, but there are no excuses when making the same mistake twice.

Following these suggestions, you can avoid making the mistakes many inexperienced bettors make and you will considerably increase the chances of constantly winning and you will even reach a profit on the long term from sports bets.

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