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What online bookmaker is recommended for each type of bettor?

What online bookmaker do you recommend me?

I have heard many times this question asked. In order to offer a concrete answer we have to first know a few things about the bettor. The number of online bookmakers continues to increase. We do not recommend all of them, some actually being on a blacklist, but in order to determine the most suited bookmaker, we need to know more about the types of bettors.

1. Beginner bettors

For those that have just started to bet online, we recommend the bookmakers Bet365 and Gamebookers. The first one is destined for those bettors that have gathered some experience from offline bookmakers and prefer to have more betting options for a single event. Bet365 is the online bookmaker with the best customer care service, having an online chat that can help you solve any kind of problem that you might have, technical, bonuses or regarding bets. Likewise, Bet365 is the bookmaker with the best live betting offer, you can bet live on tens of sports and on most football matches from the best championships in the world.

On the other side, Gamebookers is an old bookmaker that is respected. We recommend it to those that look for an offer close to the one found at offline bookmakers, a smaller offer for those that do not want to get confused in the multitude of types of bets.

2. Experienced bettor

For those that already have experience in sports betting, we recommend Pinnaclesports and Betfair. Pinnaclesports is destined for those that prefer playing a single match per slip. This bookmaker is not recommended to those that want to place long slips, that want to place live bets or to those that want to bet on less known leagues. Pinnaclesports differentiates itself from other bookmakers through the best odds on the market.

Betfair is a betting exchange agency. We do not recommend it to beginner bettors even though most odds are higher than at other bookmakers. The types of bets this bookmaker offers are a little complicated. Bet365 is an online bookmaker you have to consider when you are thinking about betting online after you have gathered some experience.

3. Live bets

For those that want to place live bets we recommend the bookmakers Unibet and Bet365. Unibet is the bookmaker that offers the chance to forgo a live pick. According to the match played, the bettor can withdraw part of the stake placed if he is no longer certain on the initial pick chosen. How many times have you bet live on a team and she received a red card? How many times have you bet on many goals but you have seen in the first minutes of the match that will be a dull one and regretted the money invested? Unibet allows you to withdraw part of the sum placed, at any moment of the match.

For live offers from all sports, do not hesitate to choose the Bet365 online bookmaker. They are perfect for those that love to place sports bets live at any time of the day, on tens of events. Here you can place accumulated bets with many live picks or even systems.

Which online bookmaker do you think fits you?

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  1. Well I’d rather not recommend Gamebookers, he has had some problems and has been taken over by Bwin. For beginners it is good also William Hill, in which you can find plenty of interesting types of bets and good odds on various events. Live betting is also on very good level, except it you can bet for less than 1 euro. It is reliable bookmakers, which is one of the oldest bookies in the world and I have never had any problems with the payment. The only disadvantage of the Williama Hill is that he does not offer any bonus for beginners. But I think it is insignificant disadvantage for people who appreciate more credibility and a great selection of bets. Otherwise, I am totally agree with your opinion about Bet365. It is the one of the best bookmaker nowadays. His live betting offer impresses and he has got the large amount of the live streamings.

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