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When to take a break from sports betting

In any sport or activity that we do on a regular basis, it is recommended to take some breaks. If in a business the option applied is that of small breaks taken often, in sports bets we recommend you to take long and rare breaks, long for you to spend your money won in a holiday, somewhere far way and rare because a thing that brings you money should not be interrupted.


When is it recommended to take a break from sports bets?

1.Consecutive losses

The main reason for which bettors need breaks is that sometimes they keep losing. If you have lost 4-5 days in a row, try and take a break. Never try to bet more in the hope of making a comeback. The best solution in case you are facing a trying period is to say “stop”.

2. Bad luck

In sports bets, luck and bad luck are always present. The big problem is when bad luck keeps on coming. How many times has it happened to you to lose 2-3 consecutive matches because of a single goal scored in the last minutes. How many times have you placed Under 2,5 goals and in the 93rd minute the third goal was scored? How many times have you decided to place Over 2,5 goals and after two quick goals in the first 15 minutes, nothing else was scored to the end of the match? How many times have you bet on the victory of a team that missed a penalty in the last minutes of the match? All this can only determine you to leave sports betting behind, at least for a while. When you have bad luck, try and take a break, it might be for the best.

3. The beginning of a championship

One of the less favorable moments for betting is the beginning of a championship. The best thing to do is to avoid betting in the first 3-4 stages and to better analyze the shape of the teams, the players and see how are the now players fitting in or what is the game style of the new coach. In case you can not stop from betting we suggest you to place small stakes.

4. Periods without matches

All bettors know football, or they think they know. I doubt there is a person that did not bet at least once on a football match. What happens when there is a break and the only matches found are those from Scandinavia or other countries where there are weak championships? It would be best to take a break and wait. In the case of less known championships, we can choose a pick based on only the statistics showed. We do not have the situation of the teams, problems or other news that can influence the result of the match. For those that bet only on football, we have an advice: never bet on championships you do not know and use this period to learn about other sports. The baseball championship just started and there will always be tennis matches.

5. Lost bankroll

Set for each month a maximum sum that you can afford to lose. If you have lost the entire sum in the middle of the month, from lack of inspiration and money management, stop! Take a break from sports betting. Many people rush to place money into accounts on order to recover the sum lost. Never bet more that you can afford to lose!

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