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Where and how to play 75 Ball Bingo game online

Each ticket contains 5 columns, these are marked with the initials “B” “I” “N” “G”  and “O”. The “B” column contains numbers between 1 and 15. The “I” column contains from 16 to 30 and so on. The numbers are randomly distributed on each column, but one can only appear once on the matrix. In 75 Ball Bingo you have five chances of winning.

One Line –In the first phase of this game only a single line is played. A line is defined as being complete, a column the same and so is a diagonal line.

Two – Four Lines – The game continues and the players will try their luck with two lines. Two lines have to be checked, in the 5×5 matrix in order to win. When two lines are complete, the game will head towards three or four lines. Keep in mind, the lines have to be completed horizontally in the same 5×5 matrix.

Full House -The final phase of the 75 Ball Bingo is the Full House. To win you have to be the first player that checks all the 25 numbers in the same matrix 5×5. The winning increases at each phase and the winner of this last one receives the biggest part of the sum.

You can try this game on the following websites:

  • Bingo Com – bingo.com
  • Maria Bingo – mariabingo.com
  • Bet365 Bingo – bet365.com

In case you do not have an account at one of the online bingo communities, remember there are always websites where you can play at.

Click here to start playing online bingo games!

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  1. There are really a lot of Bingo Games but this game is really awesome. I find this game to be more entertaining and filled with fun. This keeps one individual in a joyous mood.

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