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Which are the most played types of bets and which bring more winnings?

Despite the fact that bookmakers offer tens of betting options, most bettors prefer only a few types of bets. Undoubtedly, the most played type of bet is Full Time result, regardless we are talking about a football match, hockey or tennis, it is the most used of them all.

Another type of bet that bettors often choose is Correct score. The limit usually chosen here is the Over/Under 2.5 goals.

The third type of bet preferred by online bettors is the adjustable Asian Handicap. Using it bettors risk slightly more than in the case of betting on a Correct score type of bet, some try to “cover up” the bet by placing a Asian Handicap in the favor of the team at hand.

Those that bet on basketball matches, besides the Correct score type of bet, also use the Total points during a match and Handicap on a losing or winning team. At tennis we also have Handicap bets on games and Total games during a match.

It depends on the bettor to choose the type of bet with which he succeeds to win more and it is advised to keep using it.

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