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Why is it best to bet small sums on low odds than on high ones?

More and more players want to hit the jackpot and win over night with betting small sums. This is why we thought of writing this article in which to explain why it is best to bet small sums of money on low odds rather than on “astronomical” ones.

It sounds tempting to bet one Euro and win 100 Euro, but the chances for such a bet are low. Plus, playing this way, there is the risk of losing the same mount of money and by the time you actually win, there won’t be any profit. If, for example, in the last month you have lost 100 slips with the stake of one Euro, then winning a slip of 100 Euro is pointless. Theoretically, everything is perfect because you bet one Euro and win 100, but if you subtract the previous losses, then you will see there is no profit anymore. There are also bettors that want to hit the jackpot by playing one Euro on “astronomical” odds which have low chances of coming true. They think that one Euro is not a high sum to invest, but if we add this sum 100 times (assuming that he plays each weekend two slips) then the loss reaches 100 Euros. Agreed, it is not an incredible sum, but why donate it to the bookmaker’s when you can reinvest it in something else. Of course, there are also happy cases in which one wins a slip like this, but this rarely happens and who knows how much they had invested to obtain such a gain.

Another temptation many bettors fall in is regarding the bonuses offered by the neighborhood bookmakers. You bet on ten matches and you have a 50% bonus, you bet on 11 and you receive X% back or you choose 20 tips and you receive double the winnings. Anyone should see that these are only baits to make you bet on more slips. The more tips you choose, the higher the odds raise for you to lose. This way the bookmakers win, even if they look generous because they offer 10 Euro bonus for a slip of ten tips, even if you get the bonus, they will recover it from your future bets.

For those who bet this way, small sums of money on high odds, we recommend an easy exercise. How much have you won betting on these types of tips? From the sum won subtract the stakes lost. Now see how good your tip was, even if you won 2-3 times. Of course, not many can keep a score like this because they play online.

Sports betting

Sports betting

Now let’s get on slips with low odds. For many, the main problem of these slips is connected to the sum won and the fact that you are making a fool of yourself if you go to the bookmaker and win 3 Euro. No problem, there are ways of avoiding this thing. The first thing is to gather this slips up and when you reach a higher sum, cash it. The second one is to bet at an online bookmaker, here you can bet one Euro and win 3. Everything is simple, the money goes into your account. If you win 25 slips all the profit will enter your account.

At some point, constantly winning, your bankroll will rise and you can go to the next step, doubling the stake and see how things go. Just think that in 5-6 months of decent results you can reach stakes of over 30 Euro and this considering that you began with only one Euro. When you bet 30 Euro on odds of 3, surely your profit will be of 90 Euro which is bigger than 3 Euro, even if we talk about the same percentage. To obtain a slip with odds of 3 is not hard, you either choose two odds of 1.75 or three of 1.45, this if you bet online, because offline you need higher odds than 3 to tripe the sum invested.

So, on the long run you can win more by playing at first small stakes, but you need patience and perseverance. Now, more and more bettors want to get rich fast by either choosing more tips on a slip or buying safe tips over the internet, hoping that they will hit the jackpot. In both cases, the bettors lose only giving more money to the bookmakers.

We have two recommendations for those who wish to bet. In the first place, never bet chaotically and secondly, try betting on matches you can analyze yourself, even if you get inspired from betting websites such as ours. It is important to choose a tip you believe will come true.

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