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Why make your own winning slip and stop copying/comparing from others

Over the internet there are many websites that offer you the slip of the day or recommend a series of tips. Some make it for free while others ask for money. In this article we will show you why you need to be careful with the first category and why avoid the second.

Pay attention to the websites, even if they are free

Most websites post their slip history for each day or week, or at least they leave the slips for the users to see how profitable they have been. The problem is when the website loses. In order to look good, they are used to edit the slips and statistics to show that they were right. Even if a user tries to say something, the site’s administrator will never allow these sorts of comments, just to convince people that they are trustworthy. Why would a website do such a thing if the service is free of charge? A bettor sees the impressing balance sheet and and he will further recommend the website, he will continue betting like this, at least until he realizes that the results are not as good as they initially looked like.

Betting slips

Betting slips

Never buy tips from a paid picks/tips websites

If you look over some forums or simply search over the internet, you will see that none of the paid pick website is recommended. Most who have tried these services were disappointed at the end. Unlike a free website, here you can’t tell whether the statistics are good only after you buy a tip, so you can’t see them before. For this reason, there are more websites that offer paid tips than free ones.

Even if you pay for a tip, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better than a free one. Many websites brag with a staff of professional bettors, but the truth is that you can’t actually see how good they are or how focused they are when offering you a tip. And even if the website is a serious one and has a staff like this, they can’t guarantee a constant profit, each month. There is no bettor that doesn’t lose at some point or catch a series if bad results and thus a month without a profit. So there is the possibility of paying for such a “serious” service and at then end of the month you might find yourself only losing money.

Normally, this sort of a service costs between 30-150 Euro every month, depending on the website you buy from. Just think over the sums you need to bet on in order to recover this monthly subscription. And the question remains, what do you do if your tipster has a bad month? We repeat ourselves, if there was such a website to constantly offer winning tips, you would have easily heard about it because many would have praised it.

Don’t buy tips over Facebook or from people that claim to know fixed matches

This is a phenomenon which has expanded lately. Initially they posted edited photos showing that they had won huge amounts of money from some matches. In time people became aware and started to see through these fake slips. But the pranksters evolved and became even more believable. Thus you can find on their Facebook page videos as they enter the bookmaker and place the slip and videos as they cash in the money. Even if they look real at first, we can guarantee these are also pranks. Probably the slip is duplicated to look like a real one and the bookmakers is an improvised place that looks like a real bookmaker. In some cases the proof seems plausible and the pranksters smart enough to seem as they know about a fixed match. This is why you need to pay attention.

Still, you need to ask yourself a question. If a person is capable of winning thousands of Euro with their own tips, why would they waste their time trying to sell them to you for 100 Euro? It seems a lot of effort for nothing, right? Plus, they take some risks considering that they are practically involved in something illegal, since they have such a tip. Still, many naive bettors, spelled by the idea of getting rich fast, pay for this sort of tips. At the end, you don’t win anything and you also paid for the tip.

Conclusion, it is best to start analyzing the matches for yourself and the free websites offering reviews and tips should only be a source of inspiration (without copying those slips)

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