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Why people play baccarat ?

Baccarat is amongst the simplest games in casino but aside from being simple and funny, it’s also amongst the oldest with solid evidence of being played by the French nobility in the 15th century. So what makes a simple game that used to be played by pretentious and self-perceived sophisticated individuals in the Middle Age so popular today?

One of the reasons is exactly because it used to be played by the nobility 6 centuries ago. This fact gives baccarat a sort of glamorous image and gives the players the feeling of luxury and elitism, particularly when it’s played in large land based luxurious casinos in Las Vegas or Macau. And this is also visible in numbers as baccarat generates over 200 million dollars more than blackjack in revenue for the casinos in Las Vegas each year.
Baccarat also knew an increase in popularity starting with the 1960s when the first movies with James Bond, impersonated by Roger Moore and Sean Connery appeared. There are several James Bond movies in which the fictional British secret agent appears on baccarat tables in casinos.

Another sudden increase in popularity for baccarat has happened once the online gambling industry has taken off and this event and the connection with James Bond go hand in hand since people find out that their favorite character played this game and decide to try it themselves too.

But perhaps the biggest reason why people are so interest in this game is because the players have a solid chance of winning money because the house edge is lower (arguably the lowest) than in any other casino game.

How low is the house’s edge? Very. Assuming one keeps on betting on the banker hand to win, the bettor faces only a 1.06% house edge and even if one bets on the player, which is the worst instance, the casino still has only a 1.24% advantage and this means there is definitely an opportunity to gain money if you’re lucky and the opportunity is larger than in any other casino game.

There are a lot of reasons why people play baccarat and because there are so many reasons and the rules are so simple, this attracts both the beginners and the fancy players and the low house edge is definitely a plus.

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