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Win more at sport bets with Frank Belanger`s 4th betting system

Many from those that want to find a perfect betting system that would offer them constant winnings realize after a while that the system has many flaws and they can not guarantee that it would work 100% anytime, anywhere.

Frank Belanger managed to describe during his lifetime a total of 22 strategies that were published in his book and that were tested and actually payed off. Not many bettors have heard about Frank Belanger and his book, or especially of one of his strategies, the IV-th, that we will explain in this article.

How does the system work?

In the case of this system described by Frank, you only need a winning percentage of 36%, a pretty modest one compared to other betting systems and it can be applied by any bettor on a minimum odd of 1.93.

Just like any other betting strategy, here too you need to have a pretty decent bankroll, a minimum of 350 Euro. The stakes used for this betting system described by Frank Belanger are the following: X ; 2X ; 3X ; 5X ; 8,5X ; 14X ; 23X and 39X. They are calculated so as to gain profit for a minimum odd of 1.93. You have to keep this in mine, because otherwise the system will not work properly.

You place a single bet each day. When you scored a profit you start a new series with the X stake, even though you are enthusiastic and you think you can make a bigger profit. It is best to calm down and have patience in order to gather smaller profits, but constant ones.
Once a bet is won and your still have not recorded a profit, you have to continue with the stake previous to the won bet. So, if you lost the first two bets, you used the stake 3X and the bet is a winning one, but you did not make any profit, you will use next the 2X stake.

Example :

  • Used stakes : 10, 20, 30, 50, 85, 140, 230, 390
  • Odd :   1,93

Day           Stake         Won/ Lost          Daily profit            Total profit

1               10                      P                            -10                       -10

2               20                      P                            -30                       -30

3               30                      C                           +27,90                  -2,1

4               20                      P                            -20                        -22,1

5               30                      C                           +27,90                   +5,80


So, with a success rate of nearly 40% you will succeed in always making a profit. This is a system that works relatively hard, time is needed, patience and trust, but it manages to make you win money even though the success rate is of only 36%.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to use this betting system described by Frank Belanger, but it is obvious that it has some important advantages.

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