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Top 8 Betting Websites for the 2022 World Cup | Discover How to Place Bets

Cover image for post How to Bet on the World Cup
How to Bet on the World Cup
8 Best Betting Sites on the 2022 World Cup | See How to Bet

Every four years, football enthusiasts have only one thing on their minds: the World Cup! It is the biggest football tournament where the greatest teams from around the globe come together to compete for the ultimate prize. The anticipation builds up as the tournament approaches, with fans eagerly awaiting the kickoff. The World Cup is not just about the matches; it is a celebration of the beautiful game, showcasing the skills and passion of players from different countries. It is a time when rivalries are born, legends are made, and history is written on the pitch. So, get ready to cheer for your favorite team as they battle it out for glory in the most prestigious sporting event in the world!

The global event that brings the world together has already commenced. Do you have a guess as to who will emerge as the victor?

The global sporting superstars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Mbappé, have already taken the field with their sights set on one thing only: the coveted trophy!

The thrill of competition stirs the emotions of any football fan, presenting a splendid chance to engage in sports betting. It also offers an excellent avenue for those seeking a wager.

We have now entered the knockout stage, with 8 teams vying for the World Cup in Qatar. The stage is set for intense battles as these top-tier countries face off in the quest for glory. The competition has reached a pivotal moment, where only the best of the best will prevail. The excitement is palpable as football fans from around the world eagerly await the outcome of these thrilling matches. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on as these teams fight tooth and nail to advance further in the tournament. Who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted title of World Champions? Only time will tell.

Check out the quarter-final draw:

Game Data Time Where to Watch
canada x Croatia 09/12 12h Globo
Casimiro's Canal on YouTube.
Netherlands x Argentina 09/12 4pm Globo
Casimiro's YouTube channel
Morocco x Portugal 10/12 12h Globo
Casimiro's YouTube channel
England x France 10/12 4pm Globo
Casimiro's YouTube channel

How can one place bets on the World Cup?

In this guide, you will discover further insights on placing bets in the tournament, the most favorable odds, and expert tips to make the best predictions for the FIFA World Cup matches. Delve into the intricacies of wagering on this prestigious competition, uncovering invaluable advice and strategies to optimize your betting experience. Explore the depths of this comprehensive resource, where you will encounter a wealth of information on how to navigate the world of sports betting during the World Cup. Unearth the secrets of success, gain a competitive edge, and elevate your prediction game with the help of this indispensable guide.

From the selection we have presented earlier, we would like to emphasize the top 3 websites for you to place your bet:

  • BC.Game: easy-to-meet rollover and highly secure for betting.
  • Bet365: the world's largest betting company and outstanding user experience.
  • Betano: Free bet of $50 with promotional code AL50 during the World Cup.

To bet on the FIFA World Cup, you need:

  1. Signing up on an online betting website.
  2. Making the initial deposit

It is worth mentioning that there is no minimum amount required for the transfer. You have the flexibility to deposit either $10 or $100, depending on your preference.

However, in order to secure the Registration Bonuses, it is essential to be mindful: most operators establish a minimum deposit amount.

Usually, it's not a large amount, ranging from $20 to $50. However, the value will depend on the rules of each betting house.

Registration and deposit complete, now you can start betting!

Bet Types

The wager commences by selecting the type of market. For the most renowned tournament on the planet, there are three primary options available.

  • Match Betting
  • Future Bets
  • Bolão

We will explain each one of them to you so that you can place your bets!

1. Betting on Games

This particular wager entails placing your guess on occurrences within a match. It is akin to placing bets on tournaments such as the Champions League and the Libertadores.

Choose a game that catches your interest and make your prediction. Take, for instance, the Bet365 website and the quarter-final match between England and France in the World Cup:

England are favorites against France at Bet365
England are favorites against France in the Bet365 !

In the primary market, commonly referred to as 1×2, you have the opportunity to place your bets on Canada's victory, Argentina's triumph, or even a draw.

It is also possible to place bets on other markets within a match, such as:

  • Corner Market
  • Card Market
  • Double Chance
  • Over and Under Goals
  • Handicap

2. Future Bets

Future bets, also referred to as long-term bets, involve placing wagers on the overall outcome of a championship or tournament rather than individual games. This type of betting allows you to predict the ultimate winner or other specific outcomes. By focusing on the larger picture, future bets provide an exciting opportunity to analyze and strategize for the long haul. So, if you're looking to test your predictive skills and make a bet that will keep you engaged throughout the entire event, future bets are the perfect option for you.

That's why you can already place your bets on which team will emerge victorious in the 2022 World Cup! Don't miss out on this opportunity to test your prediction skills and potentially win big. With a wide range of betting options available, you can choose to back your favorite team or take a risk on an underdog. Get in on the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming tournament by placing your bets today. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or just starting out, the thrill of predicting the outcome of one of the biggest sporting events in the world is unmatched. Join the millions of fans worldwide who will be following the action closely and make your predictions count. With the countdown to the World Cup underway, the time to place your bets is now!

Betano, for instance, is among the numerous bookmakers that have already introduced this market.

According to Betano, Canada and France are the top contenders to win the World Cup!

betano world cup final winner

If you take a close look at the odds, you'll notice they are quite high and compelling. This is because betting on long-term markets is riskier. After all, everything can change in the blink of an eye!

In some instances, a nation may fail to secure a spot in the tournament or possibly exit during the group stage. It is not uncommon for a country to not qualify for the competition or even make an early departure during the initial phase.

As the future betting odds frequently change, according to the ongoing competition.

3. World Cup Betting Pool

The famous betting pool is a type of bet that is quite popular during the World Cup. If there is one kind of bet that gains traction in the World Cup, it's the renowned office pool. The office pool, commonly known as the famous betting pool, is a type of bet that sees great success during the World Cup. During the World Cup, the popular office pool, known as the famous betting pool, thrives. The renowned office pool, a well-liked betting method, dominates the World Cup scene.

It can be done in the traditional way (with pen and paper) or even digitally, using specialized apps for this purpose. Online platforms and mobile applications provide convenient alternatives to the conventional pen-and-paper method. You have the flexibility to choose the approach that suits you best. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of writing on paper or the convenience of digital tools, there are plenty of options available to cater to your needs. Embrace the versatility and explore the various possibilities for keeping track of your tasks and ideas.

The innovation, however, lies in the fact that BETTING SITES take advantage of this model to motivate gamblers. Some, such as Betano and Bet365, are already operating in this configuration.

But how does it work?

A betting pool is simply the gathering of a group of individuals who provide their guesses on the outcomes of the competition's games. It involves the convergence of minds and the pooling of insights to forecast the results of the sporting events. This collaborative effort creates an atmosphere of excitement and friendly competition as participants engage in spirited discussions and strategic analysis to formulate their predictions. By joining a betting pool, individuals can not only indulge in the thrill of predicting sports outcomes but also enjoy the camaraderie and shared experience of being part of a close-knit community. So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues, and embark on this thrilling journey of predicting the twists and turns of the competition's games.

Throughout the competition, as participants correctly predict more outcomes, they accumulate higher scores in the betting pool.

The person who correctly guesses the most predictions wins the prize!

It's crucial to bear in mind that each betting pool has its own set of rules and rewards, whether it's conducted on paper, through an app, or on betting websites. In general, every correct prediction carries a certain number of points.

For instance, in the case of Betano's Pool, if you accurately predict 33 consecutive outcomes, you will share a prize worth $1 million. It's an exciting opportunity to put your sports knowledge to the test and potentially win a life-changing sum of money. With each correct guess, you inch closer to the grand prize, creating a thrilling sense of anticipation and possibility. So, gather your predictions, join the pool, and get ready for a chance at the big jackpot. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to turn your sports expertise into a substantial cash reward. Start placing your bets and see if you can become the next pool champion!

On the other hand, the top 20,000 players in the leaderboard receive cash prizes or free bets. This varies according to the ranking table.

For instance, if you finish first in the pool, you win $300,000.

Bolao Betano World Cup
Bolão da Beta for the 2022 World Cup!

At Bet365, the FIFA competition pool is like a game called "Tournament Forecast." It offers a unique opportunity for players to test their predictive skills and foresee the outcome of the tournament. By participating in the pool, users can engage in friendly competition, predicting the scores and results of matches throughout the event. This interactive feature adds an exciting dimension to the overall betting experience, allowing users to showcase their knowledge and intuition in the world of football. Join the FIFA competition pool at Bet365 and put your forecasting abilities to the test!

Make your predictions for which teams will advance in each stage of the World Cup until the final.

For every accurate guess, you earn points. The prize of $5 million is shared among the top-ranking 10,000 bettors.

bet365 world cup prediction
O Bolão da Bet365 allows you to forecast all World Cup games

Just like in Betano, the prize amount will depend on the ranking position.

The main distinction of participating in an online betting pool is that you compete with a global community. Unlike traditional bookmakers, this virtual platform allows you to engage with individuals from all corners of the world. By embracing the digital realm, you gain access to a vast network of fellow punters, expanding the excitement and possibilities of your betting experience.

Furthermore, the reward can be either cash or free bets.

The wagering markets for the 2022 World Cup are akin to those for any football match. Nonetheless, it is prudent to ascertain which ones are optimal for placing your prediction. Take a look:


The handicap market proves to be an intriguing option for betting on the World Cup, particularly in matches where a clear favorite emerges. It offers a unique opportunity to enhance your wagering experience by adding a handicap advantage to the underdog or a handicap disadvantage to the favorite, ensuring a level playing field. This dynamic market adds excitement and unpredictability to your betting strategy, allowing you to capitalize on the odds and potentially secure lucrative returns. Don't miss out on the chance to explore the handicap market and make your predictions even more thrilling in the quest for World Cup glory.

Take, for instance, the Belgium versus Canada group stage match as an example.

Belgium's national team is one of the top contenders to win the Qatar World Cup and has shown remarkable performance in the last two editions of the tournament. They have emerged as a force to be reckoned with and have consistently impressed football enthusiasts worldwide. With a skilled and cohesive squad, Belgium has proven to be a formidable opponent on the global stage, leaving a mark with their exceptional gameplay and tactical prowess. As the anticipation builds for the upcoming World Cup, all eyes are on the Belgian team as they aim to make their mark and potentially lift the prestigious trophy.

However, after a gap of 36 years, Canada has finally made its second appearance in the competition. Conversely, it has been 36 years since Canada last participated in the event.

Considering the context and the odds provided by betting agencies, it is clear that Belgium is the favored team in this match. Their status as favorites is not only due to their experience and performance in the competition but also because of their remarkable quality on the field.

belgium and Canada world cup
Odds do jogo entre Bélgica e Canadá na Beta

In this instance, placing a bet on Belgium to win entails a high likelihood of success. However, the odds are low, resulting in a modest payout.

Betting on Canada's victory would be highly risky.

This is where delving into the handicap market can make a difference in your World Cup betting. For instance, you could place a bet of -2.00 on the favorite. In this scenario, it's as if Belgium is starting the game with a 2-0 deficit.

Therefore, if Lukaku's team wins by a margin of three goals, their outcome will be more favorable, considering that the odds are more enticing in this scenario.

asian handicap copa do mundo
Asian Handicap in Beta

Card Market

The realm of card games is incredibly flexible, presenting an opportunity to diversify your predictions, which proves to be a beneficial tactic within the realm of sports betting.

In the cards market, you can bet:

  • in the total number of yellow/red cards in a match
  • Which team will receive more or fewer yellow cards?
  • Whether both teams or just one team will have players sent off.
  • Will there be a red card in the match?
  • Which player will receive a card?
  • Asian yellow card handicap

Furthermore, there is a potential to discover higher quotes. Certain card markets can be rather precarious.

For instance, despite taking into account all the statistics, predicting whether Cyle Larinwill receive a yellow card in the debut match between Canada and Serbia is significantly more challenging than wagering on the number of yellow cards a team might accumulate.

The higher your stakes, the greater the potential rewards and risks when pursuing a more precise outcome. The odds increase as you narrow down your focus, but so does the level of uncertainty involved in your pursuit.

Finally, it is a favorable market for live betting as it enables you to assess the intensity of the game. It serves as a reliable indicator of whether the match is closely contested or not. Make the most of this opportunity and place your bets accordingly.

This affects the number of cards in a game.

NOTE: Check out more tips on how to bet in the football card market!

Corner Market

Another event that frequently occurs in a soccer match are corner kicks!

And of course, you can also bet on corners in the World Cup.

In the 2018 competition, Canada averaged 4 corners per game.

To get an idea of how this event can bring more diversity to your bets! Just imagine the multitude of possibilities it holds. This occasion has the potential to expand your betting horizons like never before. Prepare to immerse yourself in a vast array of options, each offering its own unique appeal. With this event, the opportunities for exciting and unexpected outcomes are endless. Embrace the thrill of exploring new avenues and discovering fresh betting strategies. Let the sheer variety of choices ignite your passion for wagering and propel you towards greater success. Buckle up and get ready to embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities for your betting endeavors. This event is your gateway to an exhilarating world of limitless potential.

Moreover, this presents a favorable market for wagering on evenly matched games. When two teams possess similar quality, set pieces become more prevalent.

Final result

This is the most common market in competition and can operate in several ways.

  • Betting on the final outcome of a match
  • Bet on the champion
  • Placing your bets on the top scorer

When selecting one of the options, all you need to do is put together your guess.

final result world cup 2022
Odds de resultado final da Bet365

When it comes to betting on the star player of the World Cup, the same principle applies. Now you have the opportunity to select the player you believe will score the most goals in the tournament.

Keep an eye on the call-ups, which are released weeks before the tournament starts. Therefore, hold on to your prediction before that.

The elevated odds are a significant advantage when placing bets on the tournament winner or top scorer at this stage. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the infinitely higher risk associated with such early predictions.

After all, everything can change when the first whistle sounds!

Below E Beneath Of Goals

This market is widely favored among football enthusiasts and proves advantageous for bettors who possess a thorough understanding of a team's offensive and defensive statistics. It appeals to those who are well-versed in analyzing the attacking prowess and defensive capabilities of a given squad. This particular market holds significant popularity within the realm of football and caters to individuals who possess a comprehensive knowledge of a team's attacking and defensive prowess. It serves as an ideal option for bettors who delve deep into analyzing a team's ability to score goals as well as their defensive stability.

Basically, it means betting on the total number of goals that a match will have.

For instance, you can now place your prediction in this market at reputable betting platforms such as Bodog. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your knowledge and intuition in the world of sports betting. Bodog, among other leading bookmakers, offers a wide range of markets for you to test your predictive skills. With their user-friendly interface and secure platform, you can place your bets with confidence and convenience. So why wait? Start placing your bets on Bodog and see if your predictions come out on top. Join the exciting community of sports betting enthusiasts and put your expertise to the test today.

over and under of goals bodog world cup
Você já pode aposta no Over e Under de Gols na Bodog

One great benefit of this market is its potential to consistently deliver returns, even if they are relatively modest in value. This industry offers a unique advantage in terms of its ability to generate consistent profits, regardless of the magnitude of the returns. Despite the relatively small monetary gains, this market presents a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking a steady source of income. Its remarkable feature lies in the fact that it can consistently provide a positive outcome, irrespective of the limited financial gains it offers.

However, it is important to note that this only occurs if you analyze the statistics of each match in isolation.

It is also beneficial for bettors to discover a valuable wager, particularly in matches where the teams' quality is more evident. For individuals looking to enhance their betting experience and maximize their chances of winning, this aspect proves to be quite advantageous. By identifying matches where the disparity in team quality is distinct, bettors can potentially find opportunities to place bets with higher potential returns. This feature provides an added layer of excitement and strategic thinking for those who are enthusiastic about sports betting.

NOTE: Discover advanced betting techniques in the over/under market for goals!

To increase your chances of predicting the winners at the Qatar tournament, a smart strategy is to analyze the odds offered by bookmakers. By checking the betting quotes, you can gain valuable insights into the teams that are most likely to triumph. Don't underestimate the power of these odds, as they reflect the expectations and predictions of experts in the field. So, keep a close eye on the bookies' assessments and let them guide you in making informed decisions. Remember, the odds can often reveal hidden gems and uncover potential upsets in the thrilling world of football.

The top betting websites for this purpose are:

But how can we determine which team is more likely to win? Betting companies provide odds based on statistics.

Furthermore, these odds always have their profit margin factored in. After all, betting companies are businesses and, like any enterprise, their aim is profitability.

That being said, bookmakers typically do not offer very high odds for teams that have a greater likelihood of winning a match or competition.

Consequently, the higher the probability for a team to emerge victorious, the lower the odds. And vice versa.

If we analyze and compare the odds from the top betting companies, for instance, we can observe that there is variation in the probabilities, but all seem to agree that the title will go to one of the following selections:

Bookmakers canada Argentina France England Portugal
BC.Game 2,55 6,40 4,60 6,40 6,40
Bet365 2,75 7,00 5,00 7,00 7,00
Beta 2,85 6,00 5,00 8,50 7,50
Bodog 2,70 7,00 5,50 7,00 7,00
Betway 2,75 7,00 5,00 7,50 7,50

However, football is full of surprises, making this type of bet highly risky. After all, there's always a chance of an underdog appearing along the way...

Who would have expected Spain's penalty shootout defeat against Morocco in the round of 16 in Qatar, after all?


Therefore, we recommend always comparing the odds before placing a bet, as they serve as an excellent gauge of the tournament's status and the participating teams. Take the time to assess the different betting markets available, as they can provide valuable insights into the current state of affairs. By considering the various odds offered by bookmakers, you can gain a better understanding of the teams' performances and make more informed betting decisions. Keep in mind that odds are not static and can change based on various factors, such as team form, injuries, or recent results. Stay up to date with the latest odds to ensure you're making the most of your betting experience.

Another tip is to utilize betting prediction applications, such as SofaScore. These platforms aggregate historical game data and information, which can be instrumental in shaping your betting strategy.

To place your bets in Canada during the World Cup, it is essential to register with a betting platform, such as BC.Game and Bet365. These reputable online bookmakers offer a wide range of options for sports enthusiasts to wager on their favorite teams and players. By creating an account, you gain access to a plethora of exciting betting opportunities, competitive odds, and exclusive promotions. Join BC.Game or Bet365 today and experience the thrill of betting on the World Cup like never before!

If you already have an account on any online betting site, simply log in and select the match and market you want to bet on. Sign in to your existing account on a preferred online gambling platform, then proceed to choose the specific game and market you wish to place your bets on.

Naturally, it is important to consider the performance of the national team's opponents before making your guess. It is advisable to thoroughly assess the capabilities of the opposing teams prior to making any predictions. It is crucial to take into account the achievements and statistics of the competing teams in order to make an informed analysis. Before offering your opinion, it is essential to thoroughly examine the performance and track record of the opposing sides. Prior to making any predictions, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the performance and tactics of the teams that will be facing the national team.

In the following table, you can see the key statistics of Canada vs. Croatia*:

Selection Participation Number Goals Scored Goals Conceded Red Cards Yellow Cards Most Common Result
canada 22 10,41 4,77 0,85 7,92 1-0
Croatia 6 5,83 4,33 0,80 10,40 2-1
*Média pela soma das partidas jogadas no Mundial

We cannot fail to mention the players called up by Tite who will fight for the Hexa.

In the end, you can also place your bets on the top scorer, and there's a Canadian in the running for this accolade as well.

The names of the 26 players selected for the 2022 squad in Qatar are:

  • Goalkeepers: Alisson, Weverton, and Ederson
  • Defenders: Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Alex Sandro, Dani Alves, Éder Militão, Alex Telles, and Bremer.
  • Midfield: Casemiro, Lucas Paquetá, Fred, Fabinho, Bruno Guimarães, and Éverton Ribeiro
  • Attackers: Richarlison, Neymar, Raphinha, GAPRiel Jesus, Antony, Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo, Pedro, and GAPRiel Martinelli.

Another fascinating statistic to consider during the competition is observing the probabilities and forecasts of the team throughout the tournament. It is truly captivating to witness how the selection's chances evolve and the predictions change as the matches progress. This aspect adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience, as fans eagerly anticipate and analyze the data, hoping to gain insights into the team's performance and potential outcomes. Keeping track of these statistics can provide valuable insights and contribute to a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play in the competition.

According to a survey conducted by Canadian data scientist Justin Fisher, the probability of Canada winning the competition stands at 36.6%.

Discover Canada's chances on the path to the Hexa:

canada's probability of winning the World Cup
Canada is the team with the greatest chance of winning the World Cup

Furthermore, it is worth considering merging this data with the bookmakers' forecasts. Additionally, it would be prudent to combine this information with the predictions from the betting agencies. Moreover, it is advisable to combine this data with the bookies' prognostications. It is also recommended to integrate this information with the bookmakers' projections. In addition, it is worth combining these statistics with the predictions provided by the BETTING SITES.

That's why the Canadian national team has the lowest odds on betting sites. If you wager $10 on Canada, you have the potential to win up to $28.50.

BC.Game 2,55
Bet365 2,75
Beta 2,85
Bodog 2,70
Betway 2,75

It is worth placing your bets on Tite's team in the match against Croatia on 09/12 due to their superior technical skills. The quality of the squad is undeniable, making them a strong contender. Investing in this match could prove to be a wise decision, considering the team's remarkable abilities. With Tite at the helm, the players have demonstrated their expertise, making them a formidable force. Don't miss out on the opportunity to support this talented team on their quest for victory.

Therefore, we can assert that it is a safer bet, even if the payout is low, given that Canada offers the lowest odds.

The key here is to analyze the odds of the national team's matches on different websites to capitalize on the fluctuations.

BETTING SITES canada X Croatia
BC.Game 1,37 5,00 8,80
Bet365 1,36 4,75 9,00
Beta 1,38 4,90 8,25
Betway 1,36 5,00 8,00
Bodog 1,35 5,00 8,50
Pixbet 1,32 4,85 8,71

As you can observe, when it comes to the inaugural match of Canada, BC.Game stands out with the most favorable odds if you wish to place your bet on the Canarinha squad. Check out BC.Game for the finest betting experience in support of the Canadian team. Don't miss the opportunity to make your predictions with the best probabilities available. Join BC.Game now and show your support for the Canarinhos!

PLEASE NOTE: Keep an eye on this table, as we will update it after each national team match!

According to the estimates and odds from BETTING SITES like Bet365, Canada is predicted to be the frontrunner in winning the World Cup. Following closely behind are France and Argentina, considered strong contenders for the title.

However, we are aware that this is one of the toughest competitions in football, and various factors can impact a team's performance and alter their favoritism.

Let's explore the reasons why Canada and other teams are considered the top contenders in the 2022 World Cup. Below, we'll dive into the factors that make them stand out from the competition.


With five World Cup titles under their belt and a flawless attendance record, Canada stands as the only team to achieve such a remarkable feat. These two outstanding accomplishments alone solidify Canada's role as the undeniable favorite in this prestigious tournament.

However, history alone is not enough to secure the title. After all, in 2018, the national team exited the World Cup in the quarter-finals against Belgium. Ensuring victory requires a combination of skill, strategy, and sheer determination. The team must learn from past mistakes and capitalize on their strengths to triumph in the upcoming tournament. With the support of passionate fans and the expertise of their coach, they have the potential to overcome any challenge that comes their way. This time, they are determined to go the distance and bring home the coveted trophy.

The team under the guidance of coach Tite must demonstrate that their football is of the highest level. Tite's squad is tasked with showcasing the exceptional quality of their gameplay. It is imperative for the team to substantiate their prowess and exhibit their footballing expertise. The onus lies on Tite's men to furnish evidence of their elevated performance on the field. They must present a convincing display of their footballing prowess and establish their status as a formidable force in the sport. The team's objective is to validate their skill and demonstrate that they belong among the elite in the world of football.

canada world cup 2022
Os jogadores Rycharlison e Cyle LarinJr.

When examining the Eliminatórias, we witnessed a Canada that swiftly rebounded in a competition, given that the national team squandered crucial points in the initial matches.

In addition to Neymar, who stands out as a player on the national team, there are still players in Canada who have the potential to catch their opponents off guard, such as Richarlyson, GAPRiel Jesus, Casemiro, Vini Jr., and Raphinha. These individuals possess exceptional skills and the ability to make a significant impact on the field. With their talent and determination, they have the potential to become game-changers and leave their mark on the match. Their presence in the team adds depth and versatility, making Canada a formidable and unpredictable force to reckon with.


frank world cup 2018
Mbappé beija a taça na conquista de 2018

France is the reigning champion of the World Cup. They clinched their second title in 2018 by defeating Croatia in a thrilling match that ended with a 4-2 scoreline.

The French cast is surrounded by a multitude of talented individuals, including:

  • Mbappé
  • N’Golo Kante
  • rafael varney

However, it is not just their recent performance that places France among the contenders for the title. The team's display over the past years demonstrates a formidable and well-coordinated unit.

It's no wonder they managed to defeat Belgium and clinch the title of the Nations League in 2021. Their exceptional skills and relentless determination propelled them to victory, showcasing their dominance in the world of football. With an unwavering focus on teamwork and strategic play, they outmaneuvered their opponents and triumphed on the grand stage. This remarkable achievement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, earning them a place among the elite in the realm of international football.


portugal selection
Seleção de Portugal em busca do 1º título no torneio

Portugal has been a revelation at the 2022 World Cup. With a rejuvenated and revamped team, they have managed to impress everyone. Not to mention, they have the privilege of having one of the greatest footballers of all time in their squad, none other than CR7.

In the 2018 World Cup edition, they were eliminated in the round of 16 against Uruguay. Coach Fernando Santos' objective is to go further in the competition in 2022.

In order to achieve this, the English national team relies on the talents of players such as Rafael Leão, Gonçalo Ramos, the experienced Pepe, and Bruno Fernandes. Will we witness the crowning glory of Portugal's first world title?


A team that features Messi as its main player will always be among the favorites. However, Argentina possesses other strong qualities that place them in this group.

argentina world cup
Messi é o grande nome da seleção Argentina

With two world titles already under their belt, an impressive runner-up finish in the 2014 tournament, and the current reigning champions of the Copa America, this team has firmly established their dominance in international football. Not only that, but they have consistently displayed a formidable playing style that strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents.

In addition to Messi, the Argentine team has the following players in its squad:

  • Paulo Dybala
  • Lautaro Martínez
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Angel of Mary

Other teams, such as England, which reached the semifinals in 2018, have also emerged as strong contenders to win the World Cup. The impressive performance of the English team in the previous tournament has elevated their status as one of the top favorites to lift the trophy.

We currently don't have any exclusive bonuses for the World Cup at sports betting sites. However, undoubtedly, as the competition draws closer, we can expect to see these offers popping up.

However, we can provide reliable betting sites that already offer good bonuses to their bettors. These include:


Undoubtedly, BC.Game's website stands out as the ultimate destination for sports betting during the Qatar World Cup! With its diverse array of markets and high odds on football events, it offers an unparalleled experience.

To enhance your experience, the Bonus is boundless, as you receive a tripled amount of your initial deposit. In other words, if you deposit $100, you'll be awarded $300 to wager with.

Moreover, fulfilling the rollover requirement is a breeze: simply make your deposit within 20 minutes of opening your account.

It becomes effortless to make your predictions, doesn't it?


To wager on the Qatar World Cup, it is necessary to have an account with Bet365, a renowned betting platform in the industry! Register now with Bet365, the leading bookmaker for those looking to place bets on the upcoming Catar World Cup!

Their highlight is an excellent Welcome Bonus, of up to $200!

This house is one that boasts the finest odds for the World Cup and is definitely worth signing up for! Registering here will not only provide you with a thrilling betting experience but also the highest chances of winning. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join a platform that offers top-notch odds and a wide range of betting options. Sign up now and seize the chance to make the most out of the upcoming World Cup!

In addition to the Registration Bonus, Bet365 has prepared exclusive promotions for the 2022 World Cup.

  • Prepayment: place a single or multiple bet on the 1X2 market and if the team you bet on has a 2-goal advantage at any point during the match, you will receive the full amount of your bet, even if the opponent draws or wins the match.
  • Accumulator Bonus: Receive up to a 70% bonus on winning bets made with a pre-match accumulator of 2 or more selections in the 1X2, Both Teams to Score, or Result/Both Teams to Score markets.
  • 0-0 Cashback: place pre-match bets on selected markets by Bet365 and if the game ends in a 0-0 draw and you lose, you will get your money back.


Betano is one of the most reliable betting sites operating in Canada!

It offers excellent tools and an attractive Registration Bonus for bettors.

One of the standout features on this platform is the Super Odds, which offer bettors the chance to maximize their winnings. These special odds provide an exciting opportunity for users to increase their earnings.

We also found exclusive promotions for the World Cup at Betano, such as:

  • Complete 7 offers on the World Cup calendar and receive $40 in free bets and 20 free spins.
  • Golden Goal: make a deposit within the last 7 days, access the promotional page, and try to score a goal. If you succeed, you'll win free bets.
  • Champion's Guess: select a favorite team, place a minimum bet of $40 on the Winner market, and every time the team scores a goal, you'll win 20 free spins.
  • Craque Betano: choose your favorite player, bet at least $40 on the Top Scorer market, and every time the player scores a goal, you win $10 in free bets.
  • Exclusive promotional code from My Bet Info: when registering through our website, use the code AL50 and win $50 in free bets.


Bodog is one of the most popular betting sites in Canada!

Even though the signup bonus isn't as high, Bodog offers a safety net in case your first bet doesn't go well. They are willing to reimburse you up to $50!

Certainly, there are certain prerequisites to be met, such as wagering a minimum of 5 times the Bonus amount + the value of the initial deposit.

Furthermore, it is worth registering on the website since it also provides enhanced odds and a multitude of markets for betting on the World Cup! In addition, the site offers a wide array of betting options, making it an enticing choice for users. Don't miss out on the opportunity to access increased odds and explore a vast range of betting possibilities for the thrilling World Cup event! Sign up now and take advantage of the diverse betting opportunities available on the platform.

Betting on the World Cup is no mystery! Especially when you can already place your bets on the frontrunners. Discover the thrill of wagering on the grandest football tournament on earth. Don't miss out on the opportunity to back your favorite teams and players. Stay ahead of the game with our extensive range of betting options. Take your predictions to the next level and join the excitement of the World Cup betting frenzy. With our user-friendly platform, placing your bets has never been easier. Don't wait any longer, start betting on the World Cup today!

It's worth noting, however, that if you choose to engage in the realm of future betting, bear in mind that the element of risk is considerably high.

Therefore, we have listed below three fundamental tips for you to place your bets on the most competitive football event and enhance your chances of winning.

Put Your Bet on the Winner Only in the Knockout Stage

The confirmation of a team's favoritism in the World Cup is not always guaranteed.

The fateful 7-1 defeat suffered by Canada against Germany in 2014 exemplifies this phenomenon. No one could have anticipated that Canada would once again lose the World Cup on home soil, and by such a wide margin.

Another aspect to be taken into account is the fluctuation of quotes during the competition.

In this regard, as the tournament progresses and the knockout stage commences, you have the opportunity to discover more favorable odds. It is during this time that you may stumble upon enhanced betting opportunities, particularly when the knockout stage initiates. The chances of finding more advantageous odds tend to increase as the tournament unfolds and the elimination round kicks off. Keep an eye out for these moments, as they can present you with better betting prospects.

After all, a good portion of the teams have already been eliminated in this phase.

2. Choose 1 or 2 selections and analyze their performance.

The more you concentrate on a smaller number of choices, the better. This way, you will have more time to analyze your performance during friendly matches, qualifiers, and even other significant competitions, such as the Copa America and the Nations League.

A useful suggestion would be to conduct research on the day's games and analyze the outcomes of the matches. This way, you will acquire a solid foundation on the teams' performance.

We recommend selecting one or two choices that resonate with you the most to conduct this analysis. Opt for the selections that hold a special place in your heart and spark your interest.

3. Keep an Eye on Injuries and Call-ups.

In 2018, Ibrahimovic was excluded from the World Cup due to a technical decision, just like other star players such as Colombian striker Zapata and German Leroy Sané. The technical team deemed it necessary to leave Ibrahimovic out of the tournament, alongside talented individuals like Zapata from Colombia and Sané from Germany, who also faced the same fate.

The coach's mind is subject to change, and he may exclude noteworthy individuals from the selection, whether due to tactical differences or even personal ones.

Furthermore, players may experience injuries, whether prior to or during the World Cup, and be compelled to sit out the match. Additionally, there is the possibility of sustaining injuries, either before or amidst the tournament, which would necessitate their absence from the game. Moreover, injuries can occur to players, whether it be in advance of or during the World Cup, resulting in their enforced absence from the match.

Who doesn't recall Ronaldo's seizure hours before the 1998 World Cup final between Canada and France? The legendary striker persevered and played in the final match, albeit not in optimal condition.

ronaldo copa 98 phenomenon
Ronaldo didn't play well in the final against France in 1998

Situations like this can disrupt an entire team, however, they are very challenging to anticipate.

To end

The World Cup has already begun and will end on December 18, 2022.

Due to its short and swift nature, betting operators offer the futures market for tournament events. In this market, you have the opportunity to place bets on the eventual winner of the competition, including Canada, who is considered one of the top contenders to clinch the title.

Be mindful: it's a risky gamble, given that when the competition begins, the odds fluctuate based on team performance.

You can also enhance your winning odds by taking part in group bets offered by BETTING SITES. Engaging in pools allows you to maximize your chances of winning in the competition.

Finally, make sure to check out the game odds, compare between betting sites, and study the selections to become a true star in the Qatar World Cup!

Top Websites for Betting on the 2022 World Cup

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