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Best Sports Betting Sites Canada

Are you a new or experienced player in need of an online Canadian betting site? has got you covered! We have provided detailed and impartial reviews of top sites where you can conduct sports betting online.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a lack of dedicated sites that focus on Canadian sports. But all that has changed. The sports betting market in Canada has become massive at the moment, with many sites offering special casino bonuses and offers for Canadian players. This has provided sports fans in Canada with more options for online betting.

It is now easier for these fans to place bets on more leagues and teams as a result of bigger gambling markets.

Top Online Betting Sites in Canada

Finding the best Sportsbooks in Canada

Presently, it is a difficult task to find the best bookmaker in Canada. There are lots of gambling companies offering different services to Canadian punters. This can be quite complicated, but not to worry, has your back. Through comprehensive research, we’ve compiled the best sites for your pleasure.

Evaluation Criteria: Which Online Betting Sites are the Best?

The best sites are usually those with access to lots of sports betting markets.

For example, if you wish to make a bet on the NFL, a good Canadian site should have different options like point spreads, totals, and money lines.

We have compiled a list of sites that have gone the extra mile in bringing you different sports betting markets that will increase your winning chances.

  • Promotions and free bets: A good number of the betting sites serving the Canadian populace have signup bonuses as part of their offerings. This provision will boost your initial deposit to a certain amount. However, the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses shouldn’t be ignored. Read the fine print to know if the bonuses are worth taking.
  • Understanding the odds: Before choosing a bookmaker, proper attention ought to be given to their offered odds. The better the odds provided by the site in comparison to others, the more profitable it will be for punters. In addition to this, extra features like data and stats, early bet cash out and live streaming of events, make a site more attractive to players. Thankfully, our list contains online betting Canada sites with all these and more.
  • Online betting on the mobile: A good number of Canadian punters love making bets at an online Canadian betting site via their mobile devices. By reason of this, any site that isn’t optimized for mobile betting is soon relegated to the background. Our recommended sites look great on mobile devices.
  • Live streaming the big games: Our bookmakers also have live streaming capabilities. With this, you can watch live games with their latest odds right on your mobile device or desktop. Via Live streaming, you can hardly miss out on any live betting event, irrespective of where you are.
  • Different payment suppliers for betting sites Canadian betting is made easier with the right payment suppliers. That’s why we only go for bookies with a range of payment methods. The online betting sites that made our list use the following payment methods: Mastercard, Eurocard, Visa, Diners Club, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, EntroPay and many more.
  • Customer support and security: The safety of Canadian gamers is of importance to us at thegambledoctor. Therefore, we have taken our time to pick out security-conscious online sports betting sites with the most brilliant customer support. All our bookmakers have unparalleled customer support. Little wonder they made our list because we only go for the best. It was quite a challenge to find them, but we did. Some of the brands even accommodate different languages in their help centers. With such a feature, everyone will have an equal chance of accessing information.
  • Getting the best experience as a gambler. There’s no point in betting online if you won’t have fun. That’s why our sites offer enjoyable experiences for Canadian players. Our chosen bookmakers are known for providing an all-round entertainment package. There is never a dull moment making use of their services. Canadian players have the choice of either betting with a desktop computer or a mobile device. All bets are placed quickly and with ease.

Live betting

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    Unikrn Casino Logo With Deposit 300 $ + 300 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions
  2. 80
    Casinoisy With Deposit 550 $ + 60 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions
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    Dublinbet logo With Deposit 300 $ + 0 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions
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    Boss Casino Logo With Deposit 500 $ + 100 Free Spins Play here Read the review Terms and Conditions

Guide: How to sign up for a sports betting site

This is very simple to do. If you've ever registered at a social networking site, then this will be a piece of cake for you.

Here are the steps to take:
Estimated time needed: 00:02 Tools needed: TheGambleDoctor's Sportsbetting list Supply needed: InternetTime
Canadian sportsbook list
Pick a sportsbook of your choice Go through our list of recommended sportsbooks and betting sites. We have something for every gambler out there - also remember; look out for a great welcome offer. Step 1
Account creation process on betting sites
Locate the “Register,” “Join Now” and "Sign Up” button and click. Now you have found the right betting site for you. Locate where to find "register," "Join Now" and "Sign Up" for starting the fun! Step 2 playing canadian hockey
When the registration screen appears, input your personal information and valid email address. Here you need to fulfill your personal details. It includes your first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and e-mail. Step 3
Place bets and wagers at sports
Confirm your registration via email When you have sent your details, you will receive an email you need to confirm. Confirm and let the fun begin Step 4

Experts Advice: Getting free bets and bonuses

Every bookmaker has its own set of rules usually documented as its terms and conditions. We advise players not to do anything on a gambling platform without getting familiar with its T&Cs.

Regarding free bets, to qualify, you must signup on the right site. Look through the best online betting sites we’ve provided and pick the best option for you.

Are you using a desktop, tablet or smartphone? Simply click on any of our offers and you will be redirected to the bookmaker’s site. That’s where you will create your new account and stand a chance to win free bets and bonuses.

Though there are some bookmakers that require that you fund your account before receiving free bets and bonuses.

Get the best betting bonuses with thegambledoctor

Pick Bookmaker that offers popular betting selections

When it comes to online sports betting, much focus is placed on sports like basketball, soccer, horse racing, and football. However, the internet has provided different options that were thought impossible decades ago. Today, punters can make money on a range of topics, not necessarily on sports betting. Below we’ve listed some of the most popular sports to bet on in Canada.

  1. NBA betting: The National Basketball Association is a popular sport which is televised globally. Each game offers a variety of betting options like NBA point spread bets, NBA totals, NBA moneylines, and NBA features betting.
  2. NHL betting: The National Hockey League is the largest hockey league globally, which opens many betting opportunities for punters. They have the chance to place a moneyline bet, which is the team they feel will win. Punters can also bet on totals, puck line wagers, etc.
  3. NFL betting: The National Football League Playoff betting market is one of the largest in the globe. Punters can bet either via points spread and determine the points the game will end with, or moneyline, which is a bet on the team that will win.
  4. UFC betting: The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a popular sport that provides tons of excitement for many individuals. Punters can pick the fight winner through moneyline or match bets; they can also determine when the fight will end via over/under round bets. Other options include pairing complimentary bets and Prop and victory bets.
  5. Golf betting: There are numerous major golfing tournaments each month like the US Open and Masters. Enjoy the opportunity to bet on a player to win or matchups between players.
  6. Horse Racing betting: This is one of the most ancient forms of gambling, and it is still rising in popularity to date. With many races being held each day, players can make outright bets, show bets, place bets, each way bets, and so on.
  7. Tennis betting: Numerous tennis tournaments take place every year—these range from the French Open, US Open, Wimbledon, and so on. Punters can make outright bets, handicaps, match bets, and many more.
  8. Football betting: Football has one of the largest markets in the globe. The premier league and world cup alone are enough opportunities for bettors. Punters can make correct score bets to determine the final score, or goal scorer market bets on who will score the first goal, last goal, or hat trick.
  9. Soccer betting: In standard soccer betting, you need to either determine the winning team or if there is going to be a draw known as the full-time result bet. Other options include Half-time result and first and last goalscorer.
  10. MLB betting: Major League Baseball is a moneyline sport. You can only bet on who the winner of the game is going to be. There is also the option of over/under bets, which is the number of runs that will be scored in the game.
  11. Olympics betting: The Olympics is highly competitive and popular and is a competition between many countries. Gamblers can bet on the country to win the highest gold medal or medal counts.
  12. Boxing betting: In boxing, there are few likely results. One boxer wins by Knockout, by judges, or in a draw. Players can place a moneyline bet to determine which of these will occur.
  13. CFL betting: The Canadian Football League is very popular in Canada. Punters can bet on moneyline, which is simply the result of the match, or point spread outs, which is the number of specific points in a game.
  14. US election betting: The US election provides an excellent betting opportunity for punters. The simplest and most obvious form of bets here Is to determine the winner of the US election.
  15. Oscars betting: The wagers in the Oscar are moneyline bets. Players can bet on who will take the award in each category. It seems simple, but it offers tons of fun.
  16. eSports betting: This is no different from betting on other popular sports except that they are electronic sports. Punters can place a moneyline bet to determine the match-winner.
  17. CSGO betting: This is betting on a modern variant of the popular PC game counter strike. Simply bet on the match or series winner, score line, prop bets, or over/under bets.
  18. League of Legends betting: This is a popular and free online multiplayer game with a huge community. Players have a variety of betting options here, including tournaments and match outcomes.
  19. Dota 2 betting: Defense of the Ancients 2 or Dota 2 is a real-time stagey game. Players can bet on the map winner that is the team that will win on a specific map, or match-winner. There are also correct score, first blood, and many other bets.
  20. Call of Duty betting: COD is one of the most amazing first-person shooters you can find. It has a huge community, and players can bet on everything from the number of rounds to win, total kills, match win, handicap bets, and many more.

Betting on football

Newest Live Betting Sites

Getting started and collecting your bonus

However daunting it might appear, signing up to a bookmaker in Canada is something you can do in a jiffy. By following the procedure we are about to lay out, creating a new account at your favourite site will be completed in no time.

Go through our recommended online sites to select your favourite gambling platform. When you find it, click on it.

You will be redirected to the homepage of the website. When you arrive there, input your details and email address to set up your account.

Before you can play for real money, you will need to deposit money into your account. Therefore, utilize the payment methods provided by the site to fund your account.

Once all these are done, your online sports betting account is now live.

Be sure to become familiar with the popular and most common sports betting bonuses in Canada first: 

  • Welcome bonus (also known as a ‘sign up bonus’): This bonus type is one betting sites offer new customers typically after the initial account creation process – so keep an eye open for a welcome bonus when signing up on a new sportsbook.  
  • Free Bets (no deposit): Probably the most common and popular bonusFree bets are not always available without a deposit but either way it’s always nice to get some free bets. However, be aware that free bets are normally predefined in value, and that the bookmakers pay the stakesIn addition to this, be sure to read the terms and conditions before accepting a free bet bonus. Wagering requirements are sometimes set to unrealistic levels, which might make the withdrawal of winnings unnecessary difficult if you actually wish to payout any of your winnings won by using the bonus.  
  • VIP bonuses & Loyalty programs for existing players: One of the benefits of being a regular punterCertain online betting sites reward committed players with exclusive bonuses and offersSo, keep an eye out for bonus codes and other goodies landing on your email or player account. 

Always Look For A License!

Finding a legitimate online bookmaker will make all the difference in your betting venture. If you end up in the wrong hands, you may be full of regrets at the end of it all. The Canadian government requires every gambling site to hold a Government Issued Gambling License. This is usually provided by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

All the Canadian betting sites recommended by are fully licensed. By reason of the license, the sites are closely monitored by the authorities. This is to ensure that they uphold fairness in their service delivery to Canadian gamers.

The bookmakers under the radar of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission all passed a number of stringent tests. Without success in those tests, they wouldn’t have been given any license to operate. They must also prove that data belonging to customers will be kept safe and that only the latest technology will be employed to ensure adequate security on their platform.

We advise that you check our list to ensure you are registering with a legal online sports Canada site.

Bet on licensed casinos

How do betting odds work

Bookmarkers use betting odds to determine the possibility of a specific outcome in specific sporting events. The quoted odds determine the likelihood of a particular result taking place in a sporting event. Also, betting odds will allow the bettor to decide what they should expect on their bet if the outcome they predict is right.

Some essential terms in betting odds include:

  • Stake: The amount a punter stakes on his/her bet
  • Odds: This is the “price” you accept to stake your wager
  • Payout: This shows you the return to expect on your wager if it works out

Betting odds are usually portrayed as fractions or decimals. Fractional odds are two numbers separated by a slash. For instance, 6/1. It calculates the amount you will win compared to your bet. The (6) or number in that position is how much you will win. The (1) or number on the right is the amount you must stake.

Decimal odds come in a numeric format like 6.00. They allow you to determine the amount you will get if your stake wins. All you have to do is multiply your wager by the decimal number portrayed. This is the amount you will get alongside your stake.

What are moneylines?

Betting odds could also be written alongside a minus or plus ahead of a number. For instance, + or – 100, known as American odds or Moneyline. It is the format utilized in the US. A positive number shows the amount a correct bet of $100 would fetch you. While a negative number displays the amount you have to bet to get $100.

Which sportsbooks in Canada have the best betting apps?

The Canadian sports betting industry is constantly growing, which has led to tons of sportsbooks in Canada. However, to get the best, you need to choose one with great betting apps for your device. To make this process easier, we have put together some of the best betting apps you can try out today.

William hill: An amazing sportsbook that comes with a highly functional mobile application for Android/IOS

Others betting apps include: Bet 365,  Spin Sports, Betway, 888 Sport

Advice: Betting tips & podcasts

If you are new to the world of sports betting, it is not advisable to dive in and start placing bets without the right information. Even though it is a great way to make money, it is also an easy way to lose if you don’t start right.

To ensure this does not happen, we have put together some of the best tips to ensure you have fun and reach your goals.

  • Learn and Understand the Basics: Learning all betting entails before you dive in can save you many headaches going forward.
  • Follow Podcasts: Podcasts can give you the right intel on sports betting and enhance your winning chances. The best podcasts provide you with reliable and easy to understand information that can keep you ahead.
  • Have a budget in place and use a staking strategy
  • Be selective with the sports you choose

Some of the best betting podcasts to follow include:

  1. Behind the bets
  2. Against all odds
  3. Bet the process
  4. Bet the board
  5. The sharp 600
  6. Matchbook betting
  7. Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell
  8. Golf Betting System Podcast

Discover your Bookmaker of choice today!

Online sports betting has become more exciting for Canadian punters. As time passes, its popularity increases, as well as market competition. The competition will give rise to improved odds and a better experience for Canadian gamers.

You no longer have to conduct a search for reputable bookmakers in Canada, we have taken care of that for you. With this foundation which we have laid for you, all you should bother yourself with is simply going through our carefully selected list of the best online sports betting sites in Canada.

Browse through them, paying attention to details because that will help you find your favourite. Once you come across the best site for you, quickly sign up on it, make a deposit and start playing. Who knows, you might just land some life-changing wins. All the best to you.

Online Sports Betting in Canada - FAQ

How Do I Find The Best Bookmakers?

Every year, the gambling industry experiences astonishing growth. There are online betting companies referred to as pioneers. They are the first choice when it comes to finding a bookmaker you can trust. By going through our list, you're bound to find nothing but the most reputable names the world of online sports betting has to offer. 

Is It Difficult To Place A Bet Online?

Not really. Online sports betting is fun and enjoyable, no doubt. But it is also true that making money from it can be a herculean task. To make the most of it, you’ll need to understand how it works. 

What Are Wagering Requirements?

It can also be referred to as a multiplier. It is the number of times an online sports betting site operator expects you to bet your bonus before your winnings can be withdrawn. While working to fulfill your wagering requirements, any winnings accrued will be stored for you and will only be accessible to you once the wagering requirements are met. 

Can I Get Free Bets On Online Betting Sites?

Absolutely! The vast majority of online sports betting Canada sites offer free bets to punters. This is a strategy used by them to attract new members. 

Is Online Betting Legal In Canada?

Yes! In Canada, it is legal to place bets on sports events. This is because Canada’s Criminal Code does not specifically prohibit online sports betting. However, what is illegal in Canada is the operation of unlicensed online or offline sports betting services. 

But as for offshore gambling operators, the Kahnawake Gambling Commission makes licenses available to them to offer online sports betting services. 

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