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Casino bonuses in Canada – Special bonuses for new players

Casino bonuses are incentives provided by an online casino to players in exchange for their sign up, deposit, or general commitment. For new players, they get rewarded with special offers referred to as “welcome bonus”. Welcome bonuses can come as deposit cash, free spins or sign up bonus. But as expected, they are tied to certain terms and conditions that must be met by a player. To avoid opting for a wrong casino bonus with high wagering requirements, it is important to understand the principles of each bonus offer and learn about their terms and conditions. That is what I am going to show you on this page. Read more

The best Welcome bonuses in Canada 2024

Welcome bonus – what is it exactly?

A welcome bonus is simply an incentive offered to new players who join an online casino. It comes in various forms such as deposit match bonus, free spins or both. Signing up as a new player automatically qualifies you for a casino welcome bonus. Though, you might also need to make an initial deposit before you can claim the bonus.

Casino welcome bonus package

Why are welcome bonuses even attractive?

It is mostly about incentives. A casino welcome bonus is the surest way to motivate players and keep them coming back. An online casino with a welcome bonus will always be preferable to punters. Below are some factors that can help you decide whether a casino welcome bonus is worth it or not.

Factors in choosing a casino welcome bonus

Amount: The best casino welcome bonus in Canada tends to be the one with the bigger pay, therefore it is important that you pay close attention to the amount attached to it. A bonus worth $200 is far better than $100 or anything less. So, look out for the bigger numbers.

Validity Period: Receiving a new casino welcome bonus is significant. However, you should be able to use it within a reasonable period of time. Some welcome bonuses only last a day, while others have around 30 days validity. Only opt-in for casinos that offer long validity on their welcome bonuses as it gives you the opportunity to meet all the wagering requirements and withdraw your winnings!

Playthrough: Make sure to understand the wagering requirements. Each casino welcome bonus comes with rules you have to follow in order to withdraw your winnings. The most common of these rules is the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement represents the number of times a player has to play to be eligible for withdrawals. For example, a casino site is offering a $30 Casino bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. This means a player has to spend $600 (20 x $30) before being able to make a withdrawal.

Games: Games are usually a part of the casino welcome bonus. Games like Slots can help you run through your wagering requirements quickly. On the other hand, games like Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack can make the process almost impossible. So, take out time to select the best games that will help you claim your online casino welcome bonus faster.

Other: Endeavour to play at online casinos with a license. The gambling site must be fully regulated. Only legal, fair and safe online casino sites will provide you with the best online casino welcome bonus.

Step-by-step guide: Collect your welcome bonus

A casino welcome bonus is only for the registered members of an online casino. It comes as a gift from the casino to welcome new players. All over the Internet, there are tons of online casinos offering various types of welcome bonuses. But how can players know which ones to go for? This will be revealed shortly to you.
Estimated time needed: 00:07 Tools needed: lists Supply needed: Mobile device, laptop or tablet
check the list of casinos and bonuses
Check the casino lists Visit and browse through the list of online casinos. All the casinos featured on the website have been thoroughly vetted. This means that you will never be a victim of foul play, unlike what's obtainable out there. Step 1
Sign up
Sign-up Select an online casino that you find interesting. Click on the attached link to visit its website. Once there, sign up. Step 2
make a deposit
Make a deposit Go to the cashier page and make a minimum deposit of the stipulated amount. This will qualify you for your casino welcome bonus. Step 3
claim your bonus thegambledoctor
Claim the bonus Claim your online casino welcome bonus. If there are any attached wagering requirements, begin playing through them immediately so that your bonus does not expire. Step 4
Start playing
Enjoy! Once all this is done, you can go ahead to withdraw your bonus winnings or use them to play other casino games. Step 5

Try the bonus calculator and find a generous bonus

Pros and Cons – Getting a welcome bonus?

As with most things in life, nothing is really free, and most certainly not a casino welcome bonus. Of course, a casino welcome bonus has lots of advantages but it comes at a price. Whether or not, you’re able to pay the price is solemnly up to you. But we’re here to ease up all the tension and guide you through everything. As a new player, you need to know the Pros and Cons that comes with welcome bonuses. A good knowledge of this will help you get a good start in your gambling adventure. Below are some of them:



  • They provide value for money when creating a new account.
  • They help players to explore new casinos.
  • They help players discover better online casino sites and games.
  • Players can enjoy risk-free winnings.


  • Wagering requirements
  • Maximum withdrawal limits
  • Maximum wins
  • Bonus time limits

What will a bonus get you?

You stand to gain a whole lot from the best casino welcome bonus in Canada. The bonus can either come in the form of free spins or bonus money. Whatever its forms are, it is designed to place you at the top of your game. This is an amazing deal that every punter deserves to enjoy. And the good news is this — you can grab as many casino welcome bonuses as you can. By going through the list of reputable online casinos at, you will find a lot of gambling venues with great casino welcome bonus offers. Register on as many as you can, to check out their offers for yourself.

An online casino with welcome bonuses usually protects itself with wagering requirements. This is to ensure it isn’t run out of business by bonus-hunters. These wagering requirements are linked to a casino welcome bonus and players are advised to read the terms and conditions of the bonus to get all the information needed.

free spins bonus canada

Different bonus types

As stated before, a casino bonus offer may come in various forms. A casino bonus can be quite colourful and can appear in different shapes. Punters who are yet to gain experience in the online casino scene can easily be confused by these bonuses because most times, they come in different names. But in reality, they are all the same or share similarities.

Most players are always interested in no deposit casino bonuses. With this bonus, you don’t need to fish out your credit card or bother about any banking procedure. Your registration is all that is needed to grab the bonus. Listed below are other awesome bonuses available:

Fixed Cash bonus

A fixed cash bonus is very straightforward. Any amount attached to it is not subject to change, except at the discretion of the casino. The bonus amount is set and players can only receive it when they make the qualifying deposit. Sadly, fixed cash bonuses are usually a small bonus package. They are basically not designed for high rollers because their offer is meager compared to big match-up bonuses.

Deposit match bonus

This bonus is the most common and also the first type of casino welcome bonus. It has a maximum value, but usually, players determine how much they get by the amount they deposit. The most common form is the 100% match bonus. This simply means that whatever you deposit will be returned to you one hundred percent by the casino.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is an offer that allows players to earn cash without having to make an initial deposit. Most of the no deposit bonus offers are little. If players are lucky, they can receive up to £100 no deposit bonus offer. This is why it is important to browse through our list of selected casinos. By doing that, you can easily find those with no deposit bonus as high as £100 or more.

Free spins

This is another common casino welcome bonus. They are used, in most cases, to welcome new punters to an online casino. They are associated with slot titles. Even with no money in their gaming account, players can receive free spins to enjoy games. This might be sponsored either by the casino or the software developer. Its primary purpose is to promote a new game title. As a player, you can utilize your free spins offer to win lots of cash, which can then be used to play other titles.

No wagering bonus

This type of bonus is as free as it gets. A no wagering bonus has no wagering requirement attached to it. Meaning that whatever you win at an online casino while making use of the bonus is yours fair and square. The money will be added to your balance and can be withdrawn at any time. Finding a casino with no wagering bonus can be tough, especially for a new player. This is the more reason you should always refer to our list of scrutinized casinos to find the best offers in Canada.

Cashback bonus

With this bonus, you are sure of recovering your losses. A percentage of all your losses at an online casino will be calculated and forwarded to you in real cash. The losses can either be on specific deposits or over a period of time.

Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions

Reading the terms and conditions of a casino bonus is not a fun thing to do. I know that. But the truth is this, it is not a waste of time. It may appear that way, but the information you stand to gather is invaluable. What do you stand to gain by reading the T&C? Read below:

  • The number of times required to convert the amount of money before a payout can be deemed possible (sales condition).
  • Time limitation to carry out the sales condition.
  • Games attached to a casino welcome bonus.
  • Wagering limits.
  • The maximum amount you are allowed to win while playing with the money from a casino bonus.

This might look like a whole lot, but a bonus may have all these conditions and even more. I hope you see things my way and agree that reading the terms and conditions is very vital to your success in the world of online casinos.

If you fail to read the fine print, you may end up going for an online casino welcome bonus that has difficult wagering requirements. Do not delay for a second longer. The consequences are so grave that recovery may take a longer time. All that can be avoided if you can spare a few minutes to read through a bonus offer’s terms and conditions.

Casino rules and regulations in canada


Finally, we have come to the end of this insightful read. Casino welcome bonus in Canada is one thing every punter desires from an online casino. However, as much as they look attractive, proper care must be taken to ensure you don’t get burnt by them. Do not let your judgment be clouded by the sight of big bonus amounts. Ensure you check its terms and conditions before going for it. Also, pay close attention to its wagering requirements and the payment options approved for its withdrawal. All in all, is here to serve you. To find the best casino welcome bonus, my thoroughly scrutinized list of online casinos is available for you. There, you will find the best offers the industry has to offer. From me, TheGambleDoctor, I wish you good luck!

Frequently asked questions about casino welcome bonus

Is it always a good idea to claim the bonus?

Yes. But not every bonus that is offered by an online casino is worth your time. Some of them will end up complicating things for you. Regardless of how attractive they are, where you should focus on the most is the terms and conditions. Studying it will either tell you to go for it or to discard it.

How do I cash out the bonus?

Depending on the type of bonus, and the wagering requirements, cashing out a bonus can either be an easy task or a tough one. Cashing out a bonus varies on different casinos. So you should probably read the terms and conditions of the casino bonus to find the exact procedure.

Will my casino bonus expire at some point?

Yes! Your casino welcome bonus is not designed to last forever. From the moment you claim it, know that you are instantly on the clock. Some bonuses have just 3 days limit to fulfill its wagering requirements, while some have up to 30 days. But no matter how long you have, failure to do justice to the wagering requirements within the given time frame will see you forfeit the bonus. All these can be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Can only new users get the bonus?

Yes! Only new players are eligible for welcome bonuses. Of course, there are other bonuses and offers for old and existing players. A good online casino knows better than to sideline its old players. But when it comes to welcome bonuses, only new players are entitled. Welcome bonuses are mainly to attract new players to a register at an online casino.

Can I only get a welcome bonus or are there more bonuses after that?

Aside from the casino welcome bonus, players can also enjoy additional bonuses in the course of using an online casino. One bonus they can enjoy is the reload bonus. This gets activated when players reload their casino account with cash. Also, this bonus is dependent, to a large extent, on the status of the player at the casino. Another factor that comes into play is the compliance of the player with the rules and regulations of the casino. In some quarters, the reload bonus is seen as an extension of the casino welcome bonus.

Can a bonus be used more than once?

No. Generally, a casino welcome bonus has a 72-hour time frame attached to it before it becomes inaccessible to the new player. This is the standard practice across all online casinos. Failure to lay claim on the bonus within this time will result to its removal. After claiming the bonus and fulfilling all its wagering requirements, the bonus can no longer be used again. If you want more casino welcome bonuses, you can always sign up to a new online casino.

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