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Best online poker sites in Canada 2024

Poker is a popular casino game that can be played both online and offline. You can enjoy the game alone or with a group of friends. Poker goes beyond being a source of fun and entertainment; it is also associated with mental acuity. This is because many people use the game to improve their mathematical skills. There are tons of poker tournaments that go on frequently and they are open to players from across the world.

Interested players can take part by submitting their entries via satellite and subsequently get connected to the global live poker tournaments. If you have lots of money to wager, there are high roller opportunities to grab as well. You can go for high stake games and expect bigger rewards. There is no end to the possibilities in poker. Whether you choose to compete via a laptop or smartphone, there is always something for you. Read more

Canadas Best Poker Sites

What is online poker?

Online poker is an online card game played alone or with two or more persons. Poker is played with a set of 52 cards, and players are made to bet on the value of their hands. Online poker is available on different online poker sites and comes with loads of poker game variants and stakes.

Online poker is quite fast because shuffling is eliminated and this translates to lesser decision-making time for players. With online poker, players have the luxury of playing at multiple tables which is not easy to achieve in land-based poker, where players have to focus on one table at a time.

The history of poker and where it all began

The game of poker was created in the United States in the 19th century. Today, the game has gone beyond the shores of the US to become a punter’s favourite all around the world.

There have been arguments as to where the concept of poker originated from. Some sources believe poker to be based on As-Nas, a Persian game.

Another debate states that the game of poker is rather a derivative of a French game called Poque. It can’t be said for certain that poker originated from these games. However, it is possible that the above mentioned games influenced the creation of the game of poker which is loved all over the world today.

TheGambleDoctor’s approach to evaluate and rank Poker sites

Not every player has the time to scour the internet to find trustworthy online poker sites, that’s why we have done the hard part for you. has invested years into the review of online poker sites all over the world. We ensure that our selections are safe for players.

To properly recommend the best online poker sites available, there are lots of things we consider and they include:

  • Is the site legit: All our choice of online poker sites are legal, regulated and licensed. They also come with reasonable poker terms and conditions. Our endorsed sites are safe, meaning that both your money and data will be protected.
  • How does the bonuses and promotions compare: There are so many bonuses and promotions to be enjoyed by new and existing players. Our recommendations include sites with irresistible bonuses and promotions.
  • Variations of the games: The sites we have selected have amazing games, which include different variants of poker. Players can also look forward to enjoying poker tournaments and cash games on these sites.
  • Mobile experience: Players who love gambling on the go will find lots of online poker sites on our list that are compatible with mobile devices. These sites also have apps that you can download for faster access to your favourite poker game.
  • Customer support: Whenever players run into a problem while playing online poker, it is important that they receive help and fast too. Our selected sites have the best customer support agents that will solve your problems with enthusiasm.
  • Casino design & innovation: The online poker sites we have chosen are user-friendly and innovative. You can gamble there for long hours without feeling tired because of their awesome colour combination. You can also move from one page to another to without any problem whatsoever.

Getting started: The basics of Poker

Unlike slots and roulette, Poker is a game of luck and skill. To succeed in the game of poker, you’ll need to understand the basics of poker and learn to adopt a working strategy. For new players, understanding the basics of poker can be quite challenging. Though most online poker sites have tutorials in place to assist newbies, it is still a bit insufficient, especially if you intend raking in cash from playing.

Luckily for you, is committed to your online poker success and has created a poker rules site where you can get a detailed explanation of what poker hands are all about.

Get up to speed on the Poker rules.

Online poker rules

How to play online poker

The game of poker was once reserved exclusively for the rich but today, everyone has a chance of playing the game. Poker is a game of skill, strategy, wit and of course, luck.

Due to its increasing popularity, more people are finding the game appealing and giving it a shot both at local casinos and online. If you intend playing poker online, here’s the best way to go about it.
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: TheGambleDoctor's list of recommended poker sites Supply needed: MoneyTimePoker skills
Find online casino from thegambledoctors top list
Browse TheGambleDoctor's Poker list At thegambledoctor, all the best poker sites have been compiled in a list for you. Go through our list and make your selection. Step 1
Sign up casino
Open an account to play Poker After you have made you’ve selected an online poker site of your choice, then create a user account. You must be 18 years old or above to do this. Step 2
Place a bet online poker
Fund your account At this point, you’ll need to deposit money into your online poker site account. Use any of the banking methods on the cashier section of the site to do this. Step 3
Play Online poker in the poker room
Start playing Poker! If you’ve reached this point, then you're all set. Look through the games catalogue, select the game that pleases you the most, and start playing. Enjoy! Step 4

Poker tips for the new players

As a new player in the game of online poker, it is necessary to start that your poker gambling adventure on a good note. Good beginner tips are often hard to come by and without them, new players can easily adapt harmful habits and strategies that will hurt them later on. Luckily, has some great tips that new online poker players will find useful.

  1. Don’t play beyond your bankroll.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the poker hand rankings.
  3. Let most of your game be against players that you are better than.
  4. Don’t make bluffing a habit.
  5. Make a lot of value bets.
  6. Don’t stake high.
  7. Limit your play to few poker tables.

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The many variations of poker

Poker is one card game that comes in many variations. In general, most of these variations abide by the standard order of play. However, if you wish to distinguish each of the poker variants, you will have to do so by paying attention to certain details of the game. Things to consider include: The hand value in use, the number of betting rounds, the actions taken between rounds and the cards that are dealt. Due to the many variations of the poker game, many people have more gaming options. In the modern-day world, people tend to think about poker only in the light of Texas Holdem, due to the popularity of the variant. Poker variants are quite many and some of them include:

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is evidently the most popular poker game used by a lot of players today. This is mostly because the game has been featured numerous times in the World Series of Poker, not to mention in various movies also. Players of Texas Holdem are dealt 2 hole cards or pocket. 5 community cards are also provided which players will use, together with the 2 cards they’ve been dealt, to make the best poker hand.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Each player in this variant is dealt four private cards or hole cards. On the board, 5 community cards are dealt face-up. All players will pick two cards from the four hole cards dealt to them and also select three cards from the board to come up with the best possible five-card poker hand.

Five Card Stud

This game begins with each player receiving two cards; one face-down and another face-up. This is followed by a “bring in” and then a betting round. The remaining player’s face-up is dealt another card. The game session doesn’t end until a total of five cards have been dealt; the initial card remains face-down and the remaining four face-up.

Five-Card draw

This game is played with a button and blinds, like it is done in flop games. The first player after the big blind can either call, raise or fold. Players continue to play in a clockwise direction around the poker table until the betting round is complete. After the first round, each player draws, which simply means to discard an unwanted card. This ushers in the second round and the showdown follows to determine the winner.

Basic phrases and terms in Poker

If you are interested in learning the basic phrases and terms in the game of poker, then it is possible you have decided to master the game. You may have the required confidence and enthusiasm, but if you can’t speak the language of poker, you’ll still be missing out. Our list of poker terms will help you improve your poker vocabulary.

  • Action: To bet, fold or raise
  • Ante: Small bet required from all players before a hand is dealt
  • All-in: A player’s bet that places all his chips into the pot
  • Bluff: To bet or raise with a weaker hand in a bid to trick your opponent into folding their stronger hand
  • Call: A player’s contribution to the minimum amount of money to the pot to keep playing a hand
  • Fold: To concede by placing your cards face-down on the poker table
  • Hand: Five cards that comprise of the pocket cards of a player and the community cards
  • Muck: The discarded cards in a hand
  • Off-Suit: Holding different suits of pocket cards
  • Rake: The amount that is taken out of a poker hand by the house

Poker online multiplayer

The poker game community has seen a lot of improvements over the years. The market has been shrunk from its previously massive size to a smaller size which is now controlled by selected operators. This was done to moderate the rising number of unreliable poker online sites and ensure only the best poker sites that guarantee safety and great player experience are left.

At the moment, there are free online poker sites, as well as poker online real money sites. The latter takes money from players before they can play. The money is then transferred into the account of the player, which will be used to compete at any Canadian online poker site. These sites undergo frequent audit from gaming review teams to ensure top-notch service delivery at all times. It’s important to note that only players who have met the required age limit can participate in the best online poker sites. Recently, many online poker sites have introduced “micro stakes,” which is basically an opportunity for poker newbies to begin with small stakes in order to learn the ropes of the game and at the same time, grow their stakes gradually.

Micro stakes

For example, you can play the No-Limit Hold’em with low stakes of $0.1/$0.2. In other words, a player can buy-in with $2. For players to amass a large amount of money, they’ll need to put in long hours of play.

Unfortunately, live dealer poker cannot offer such because it is capital intensive. In addition to the amount they payout for winnings, they also need to pay rent for the physical space from where they stream games. However, in the case of Texas Holdem online poker, the situation is different. The game is played online with an automated dealer which helps operators cut down on cost.The option of staking little amounts have given online poker a face-lift and it has become more appealing to both old and new players. Beginners can now learn the game of poker with little financial risks.

To make the most of your online poker adventure, the best place to gamble is at the best online poker sites. They offer easy navigation through their web pages, top game selections and instant gaming.

Below are some sites where you can play poker online:


This is the largest online poker space on the web. The site features top software, attentive and friendly customer support, excellent bonus packages and above all, incomparable security. The site boasts of a modern design, the best software the industry has to offer, an easy navigation system, high-quality customer avatars, a locate player feature and lots more.

Bwin Poker

Bwin Poker is up there as one of the oldest online poker venues on the internet. This company is famous for its innovations. It was one of the companies to first launch a real-money mobile poker app. The site offers lots of cash games in many poker variations. Furthermore, its online poker tournaments are among the best in the industry.


This online poker site is one of the most established in the business. Having been operational for nearly two decades, this site boasts of several thousand players and continues to reinvent itself to offer better services to both its new and existing clients. In addition to top poker games, 888Poker offers players lots of free or very cheap promotions.

Party Poker

Party Poker is a great poker destination for players from around the world. This poker company was one of the pioneers of this market, which means that it has built up trust over the years and as a result, has been rewarded with a huge customer base. Party Poker is known for its massive games selection, which ranges from poker online real money to tournaments. For players who don’t have enough funds but wish to play, they can with Party Poker’s free online poker.

William Hill

As far as the iPoker Network is concerned, William Hill is one of the best. You will find an impressive array of games on William Hill, as well as lots of online gaming products. William Hill goes beyond poker to cater to other gambling interests of players. So, aside from its alluring poker room, there is the bookmaker and online casino to keep you entertained.

Live casino poker

Playing poker at a live casino site comes with a lot of features that will help you enjoy the best poker sessions without stepping out of your home. Live casino poker has been made easy to access, simply sign-up to any of the best online poker sites and start playing instantly!

Once you’re inside a live poker room, the fun is just getting started. Right there on your laptop, the poker table will be displayed with a dealer standing behind it to following all your inputs and decisions. The speed of play here can either be sped up or slowed down to accommodate every player. This means that players have more time to come up with a poker strategy and implement it due to the slow pace of the game.

Some poker games you will find in this category include:

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a type of game where the player is required to make two poker hands; one 2-card hand and one 5-card hand. The player wins the croupier when any of his two poker hands beats that of the croupier. But if one of the player's hands win, then it's a push. If the player loses all their hands, they will also lose the bet.

Red Dog Poker

The minimum number of players for this game is two. The aim of the game is to accumulate the biggest stack of chips at the end of the gambling session. The card ranking in this game is the same with a regular poker game.

Casino Hold ’Em

This is one poker game that even beginners can quickly get a hang of. It is a fixture in live tournaments and games with high cash-ins. The first move in this game is for a player to stake a forced Ante bet, and this is accompanied by an optional Bonus side bet. Next is for every player to receive two cards face-down from the dealer, then a three-card flop is made available in the middle of the table. Players and the dealer have free access to the community cards. And by combining them with the cards at hand, the players' aim is to come up with their top five-card combination. As the game progresses, additional two cards are dealt and this happens over two rounds. The winner is the player with the best hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker

In this game, the punter plays against the dealer. The two of them receive five cards each. Now, the player must ensure his poker hand is greater than that of the dealer. If the player believes his hand to be a winner, he can go ahead to place a bet. But if not, he folds.

Video Poker online

This is one of the features of online casinos, which allows poker lovers to play poker online real money. Just like land-based casinos, there is a video poker section in most online casino sites with lots of variants to play. The style of play in video poker is a one-on-one competition between the player and the house. Examples are Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Jack or Better.

Get ready to play some cards

The game of poker is one of the best online gambling choices. It is fun, mentally engaging and a great way to relax. Finding a site to play online poker is no longer difficult with in the picture. We have a lot of high-quality online poker sites arranged in a list for your gambling pleasure. They are easy to use and punters can navigate through them effortlessly. In addition, they have lots of bonuses, including the punter’s favourite – poker no deposit bonus.

If you have read up to this point, then you must be pumped to try out online poker. All you need to do now is to scroll to the top and you will find lots of the best poker sites. Take your pick, sign up and allow yourself experience untold entertainment.


Is it easy to play poker?

Yes, it is. However, mastering the game is the difficult part. It involves you knowing the right time to fold, bluff and call the bluff of someone else.

What is the best poker hand?

In the game of poker, an ace-high straight flush, popularly known as royal flush, is thought to be the best hand in many variants of the game.

Is it possible to play online poker for free?

Yes. Poker can be played for free on real money online poker sites. A player needs no buy-in to play and both ring games and tournaments are available for free.

How many poker variations are there?

There are three popular poker variations which are spread in various casinos and poker rooms across the world. They include draw poker, stud poker and community card poker.

Is it safe to play poker online?

Yes. The best poker sites are equipped with the best encryption technology for the security of players. Also, these sites are licensed and regulated, which is a guarantee that they are devoid of malpractice.

How do I find the very best poker sites?

You can find the best poker sites on It doesn't get better than that. No other site will offer you trustworthy online poker venues. All the sites we have listed have undergone thorough scrutiny and found to be stellar in every way. Go with TheGambleDoctor’s choice and you won't have a cause for regret.

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