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No Wagering Casinos Canada – Great bonuses without wagering requirements

Hello, there. I’m TheGambleDoctor. I’ll be showing you how to get the most out of your welcome bonus. I understand that wagering requirements can be stressful and highly limiting for players, and that’s why I suggest that you play on no wagering casinos in Canada. I have included a list of casinos that have zero wagering requirements for their welcome bonuses. All you need to do is select a casino from the list and start earning without any playthrough rules! Good luck to you, my friend! Read more

No wagering requirement bonuses in Canada

Why should you pick a bonus with no wager?

In recent times, the popularity of no wagering casino bonuses has skyrocketed. It has become highly sought-after by casino enthusiasts. A lot of casino bonuses have impossible wagering requirements. Therefore, a no wagering casino is more like a breath of fresh air. However, like other casino bonuses, they also have their lapses.



  • All winnings are yours to keep.
  • It has been voted as the fairest casino bonus by players.
  • Absence of wagering requirements.
  • It is usually offered by reputable casinos.


  • Fewer free spins.
  • Bonus usually apply to only one slot game.
  • It cannot be accessed by players in certain parts of the world.
  • Few online casinos offer it.

Just what is a wagering exactly?

In simple terms, wagering requirements are conditions imposed on the bonuses offered by a casino. Wagering requirements demand that you wager a certain amount of money before you can receive your winnings from the bonus. Failure to meet the requirements before the offer expires can result in the forfeiture of your winnings.

What is wagering requirements

How to find the best no wagering bonus?

The online casino industry is filled with different casinos offering bonuses with high wagering requirements, however, there are a few others offering bonuses with very low or zero wagering requirements. But how do you find the best no wagering bonus among all these options? Not to worry, has handpicked the very best for you.
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BROWSE THE NO WAGERING CASINO LIST Our list at has the newest and most popular CA casinos. Go through them and take your pick. Step 1
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PICK A REVIEW After you've made your pick, read our review about the casino site. This will furnish you with all the needed information. Step 2
claim bonus
CLAIM YOUR NO WAGERING BONUS Create an account at the casino you've chosen to claim your no wagering bonus. Step 3
Start playing
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No deposit bonus VS No wagering bonus

A no wagering bonus is one that has no wagering requirement in its terms and conditions. Punters never have to worry about jumping through wagering hoops just to retrieve their winnings.

A no deposit bonus, on the other hand, is a bonus that does not require any form of deposit from the player. According to the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus casino, the bonus is offered to a player even without funding their casino account.

So, the major difference between a no wagering bonus and a no deposit bonus is the absence of certain rules. For a no wagering bonus, there are no wagering requirements to fulfill. And for the no deposit bonus, making a deposit is not mandatory to enjoy it.

Great casinos with low wagering requirements

There are different online casinos that offer bonuses with low wagering requirements. While these bonuses can’t be compared in size to bonuses with high wagering requirements, they are a lot easier to claim with no delays whatsoever.

In order to select the best low wagering casino bonus, it is crucial you understand the wagering rules that apply to them. Low wager casinos usually have between 1-30x wagering. Anything higher than that is not really a low wagering requirement.

To make things easier for you, we have created a list of casinos with low wagering requirements. You’re welcome to go through it to select your favourite.


New low wagering casinos

Different no wagering bonuses for new and existing players in Canada

It is always intriguing to find a no wagering bonus. This is because it is clearly different from all other casino bonuses. Both old and new players can receive a no wagering casino bonus. However, in your search for the best no wagering bonus in Canada, you should know about the different types of no wagering bonuses available. They include:

No deposit no wagering

This is the unicorn of gambling bonuses. It is very rare to find and when found, it should be grabbed with both hands. With a no deposit no wagering casino bonus, gamers can play casino games without making any cash transfer. The icing on the cake is that no wagering is required before you can withdraw your winnings.

No wagering Free spins

Majority of no wagering promotions come in the form of free spins. They have absolutely zero wagering requirements hanging over them. However, you’re mandated to make deposits before qualifying for a no wagering free spins bonus.

Sign-up Bonus No Wagering

A sign-up bonus no wagering is a bonus offer given to players after sign up. A sign-up no wagering bonus have no wagering rules applied to it. Simply play, win and scoop up your winnings immediately!

Deposit Bonus No Wagering

A casino has the discretion to offer a no wagering deposit bonus to its customers. Those lucky to encounter this promotion will be able to receive bonuses after their first deposit. This bonus will have no wagering requirements attached to it. Simply accrue your winnings and withdraw them without any hassle.

Other No Wagering Bonuses

There are other no wagering bonuses in the gambling industry like the cashback and Pay and Play bonuses.

Cashback offers is mostly enjoyed by high rollers. If you're a fan of big bets, then this bonus will suit you just fine. This bonus is activated when players lose money while playing at a particular online casino. Cashback offers can either be in the form of real money or bonus money with zero wagering requirements. Meaning that you have the choice to withdraw your bonus money or play casino games with it.

Pay and Play bonus lets you play without necessarily signing up at a casino. With it you can verify your account and withdraw any winnings earned without complications.

Best no wagering bonus Canada

Try out the best casinos without wagering requirements today

A casino with no wagering requirements is truly the rave of the moment. This is because punters love the idea of cashing out their winnings with as little delay as possible.

But before opting for a no wagering requirement bonus, pay close attention to the games library, available withdrawal options, and security — any online casino lacking in these departments should be avoided.

Going through this page, you will discover that our list is made up of the best online casino in Canada with no wagering requirements. Our choice is trustworthy because we only go for credible online casinos. Choose an online casino with no wagering requirements and start winning today!


Frequently asked questions about no wagering bonuses

Are no wagering casinos a scam?

No. They are as real as any other casino out there. To the average punter, they are the best thing to happen since the introduction of free spins. At least, you no longer have to suffer at the hands of wagering requirements before getting your money.

What does 10x, 20x, and 30x wagering requirement mean?

A x10, x20, or x30 wagering requirement is the multiplying factor for the money you're required to wager. If you have a bonus fund of $20, a 30x wagering requirement means you must wager up to $600 to withdraw your winnings. The same system applies to the 10x and 20x wagering requirements.

What are low wagering casinos?

A low wagering casino is one that offers promotions with little or no wagering requirements. Just like a no wager casino, low wagering casinos are also known for their fairness and transparency.

Can I get around wagering requirements?

No! Wagering requirements are conditions that follow a promotion. They are legally binding. The moment you utilize the service of a casino, you automatically agree to its terms and conditions. So, in summary, you can't get around wagering requirements.

What is a no wagering requirement?

To put it simply, a no wagering requirement is the absence of a playthrough requirement on a casino bonus. It means you don't need to wager any sum of money before you can receive your winnings from a casino bonus.

Can I withdraw my winnings straight away?

Absolutely! This bonus makes cash withdrawal from a casino very fast and without complications. Once you earn money at a no wagering casino, withdrawing your funds should be immediate.

Why would some casinos offer no wagering bonuses?

The primary reason casinos offer no wagering bonuses is to attract clients. This is an offer that is too good to pass up. Casinos know this, hence they use it to grow their casino membership.

Is it difficult to meet the wagering requirement from a bonus?

The difficulty level of a wagering requirement depends on the specifics of the bonus. Generally, a wagering requirement that is small is easier to meet. Also, a high wagering requirement is harder to fulfill.

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