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Casinos Without Registration & Pay N Play in Canada

Update: Pay N Play have not yet arrived in Canada and therefore it is not possible to play casino without registration yet. Stay tuned as we’re ready with no account casinos for you as soon as they’re available for Canadian casino players.

In several countries Pay N Play’s instant casino feature allow gamblers to make a fast deposit to a casino account using their online bank. With this option, new players do not have to register at eh casino to begin playing games. This means you have enhanced privacy since no personal information is provided to the site.

If you are looking to get started with the best Pay N Play casinos online, be sure to refer to the list of sites at as soon as the service becomes available. You will find licensed and regulated casinos where you can immediately start playing your favorite games for real money!

Find the best casinos without registration here

What is Pay N Play and no registrations casinos exactly?

Playing online is now simple than ever. When you access a Pay N Play casino online, you can enjoy instant access. You will be able to make a deposit to a casino account using your banking account and will not have to complete the casino registration process. When you make your deposit, your information will be relayed directly from the bank to the casino so you will no longer have to take time to register an account.

Pay N Play Casino – Best casinos without registration in Canada

The good and the bad about casinos without registration

Playing at an online casino without a registration process can provide some great benefits. However, there are also some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. Before you start playing at any of our listed Pay N Play casinos, be sure to review our list of pros and cons. These will help you make an informed decision on whether this type of platform will meet your real money gambling needs.



  • Make deposits and begin playing in less than a minute
  • Withdrawals are instantly processed
  • Instant player verification
  • Enhanced security measures and player privacy


  • Not every casino supports Pay N Play
  • You need an online bank account
  • Some fees may apply
  • Long list of restricted countries

Are there any difference between Pay n Play casinos and casino without registration?

Pay N Play casinos make use of Trustly to perform fast casino deposits and withdrawals. No registration casinos may support other payment methods, so this is one difference you will notice. However, all other factors remain the same. Whether you choose one of our secure Pay n Play casinos from TheGambleDoctor’s list or you choose a no registration casino, you will not have to contend with the signup process.

In fact, most of these casinos do not even have a Register or Sign Up button available. They allow you to open an account by making your first deposit using your bank account. Your information will then be sent from the bank to the casino and that is how the account is created. Both options provide a faster way to get started playing online and offer great levels of player protection at all times.

How does Pay n Play work without an account?

If you are ready to begin a rewarding real money experience and play casino without an account, you will want to watch for Turstly’s Pay N Play platform. This is a direct transfer service that will allow you to make an instant deposit fo real funds using your bank account. The process is completely secure and much faster than using other methods of payment.

In most cases, banks will take more time to complete a verification process and many will have policies that prevent players from playing real money games online. With Trustly, you will benefit from instant access to your funds in the bank account and can easily make a transfer to the online casino of your choice. You can also make fast withdrawals, so this is a complete banking solution that has become quite popular among Canadian gamblers.

With this innovative product, online casinos that support Trustly Pay N Play payment will be able to create an account for anyone that makes a deposit. Since no time is spent registering and waiting for an account to be verified you can immediately start wagering and winning on some of the hottest games online.

Using Social Media as a login

When you are opting to play at casinos without a registration, another way to gain quick access is by using your social media account. Many of the leading online casinos also have a presence n social media. You can find a number of casinos with pages that can easily be accessed. When using social media like Facebook, you can create and log into your casino account in a matter of seconds. Your information will be sent from your social media account to the casino and you can begin to enjoy great games! You can even preview games for free at various sites to find a casino that will meet all of your needs.

Easy start: How do I get access to a casino without registration

Playing at a casino that supports Pay N Play is a fast and easy way to get started with the best games online. You will find this payment method to provide great security measures and allows you to instantly begin playing at a no account casino site. Just follow our steps provided to get started and you will be playing your favorite real money games in a matter of minutes!
Estimated time needed: 00:02 Tools needed: ListPCMobile Device Supply needed: TimeMoneyInternet Access
Easy start: How do I get access to a casino without registration
Choose a Pay N Play Casino Refer to the list at to find the best Pay N Play casino sites where you can enjoy playing at casinos without registration. Step 1
Easy start: How do I get access to a casino without registration
Visit the Cashier You will select your bank from the list of deposit options. You will then log in to your online bank account to verify the transaction. Step 2
Easy start: How do I get access to a casino without registration
Play Top Games Your deposit is instantly credited and you can begin to play supported real money games using your funded account. Step 3

What is the difference between traditional casinos and casinos without an account?

Playing at a casino that supports payments using Trustly’s Pay N Play platform can provide a great gambling experience with instant access to games and casino services. When you play at any casino that does not require a registration, you can get started much quicker and will instantly be able to begin wagering on your favorite games. You will still have a casino account, but il not have to follow the steps to create that account.

Once you choose to use Pay N Play, all information needed to open a casino account will be transferred from your bank. This is the information your selected casino will have on file to maintain your account. The great benefit is saving time by not having to register and wait for the verification process to be completed. Right after you confirm the bank transfer using Pay N Play, you can begin playing as the verification process is instant.

With traditional online casinos, you will have to visit the site and click on Sign Up or Register. The registration process will vary per site, but you will be required to provide all the requested details. This will include entering your name, address, mobile number, date of birth, email address, and other personal details. Once you have complete this process, the casino will review the information and verify all the provided details. Only after that can you make a deposit to start playing games.

One of the great benefits of playing at a Pay N Play site is that you can also make instant withdrawals using the same banking method. When using other options, there can be a lengthy process to finalize payments, so this is a great choice if you want fast and secure payouts.

Can I get a bonus from casinos without registration?

You will be able to benefit from bonuses and promotions when playing at any casinos without registration. Many of the sites you will find listed at will welcome you with a no deposit bonus. However, this will require a registered account, so if you are using Pay N Play, you may not be eligible for this offer since you are not completing the registration process.

Once you have added funds using this immediate payment method, you can take advantage of any listed promotions. You can start with the standard welcome bonus, which will present a match offer on the amount of the first deposit. Some of these deals will also include free spins, so there are some great deals available for Pay N Play casino members.

With a funded account, you can also benefit from recurring bonuses at the site. Each casino will have different offers that are available and these can change often. We urge you to compare some of TheGambleDoctor’s sites to see the types of promos that are featured. With these great deals, you can boost your account balance, get free spins, enjoy cash back on losses, and so much more. As long as you have a valid funded account, you can enjoy any of the listed promotional offers at a Pay N Play casino.

Just like any casino bonus, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of every promotion redeemed. All wagering requirements will have to be completed before you are able to withdraw any bonus generated payouts.

5 good reasons to try Pay N Play

After reading through our information and previewing the different sites that support Pay N Play, you will see there are many great benefits to playing at these sites. Below, we offer some of our top reasons for choosing this payment method when you are engaging in real money play at leading casino sites:

  • Simple & easy – Casinos without registration provide the fastest and simplest ways to get started with top-notch games. Using Pay N Play allows you to avoid the registration process and make an instant deposit to immediately start wagering and winning.
  • Cash out winnings immediately – Instant withdrawals are one of the major benefits of using Pay N play at online casinos. You do not have to wait for payments as you would when using traditional banking options.
  • Avoid sending passport copy (KYC signup process) – With a traditional registration, your informant has to go through a verification process. With casinos without a registration, information is immediately verified through your bank, so this entire process is eliminated.
  • No email & SMS spam – Since you are not required to provide the online casino with your email address or mobile phone number, you will eliminate any chances of receiving spam messages!
  • Low wagering bonuses – You will find that some of the bonuses featured at casinos without registration will have very low wagering requirements on bonuses. This allows you to complete the bonus requirements faster and make withdrawals of winnings.

Pay N Play Casino – Best casinos without registration in Canada

How can you tell if it is a no registration casino?

You will be able to immediately recognize a no registration casino from the lack of a Sign-Up button. Most traditional casinos will have this button on the home page at the top corner. When you choose a site that does not require registration, this will not be included or displayed on the page.

You will also know the site is a no registration casino by reviewing the supported payment methods. If you see Trustly Pay N Play-listed as an option, you will not be required to complete the registration process and can immediately begin playing your preferred games after making your initial deposit.

Are the selection of games good at casinos without registration?

Aside from not having to create an account manually by using registration forms, playing at a casino without registration is just like playing at a standard online casino. You will find all of the same games being supported and will have a large selection of titles from leading providers in the industry. These sites present all types of games that can be enjoyed for free and for real money wagers.

There will be no shortage of popular titles and the site sofer new releases just like any other online casino. You can navigate the site as normal and find the top slots, high paying jackpot games, table and card variations, video poker, specialty games, and even live dealer games. The overall game selection does not change when playing at any casino that does not require a registration process.

As with the process of choosing any casino, you can visit no registration sites and preview the supported game titles for free. This will help you learn what games are featured and what software providers are being used to power the site.

Will I be scammed if I use casinos without registration?

You can be sure you will enjoy a safe and secure experience when playing at any casino without registration. These sites are licensed and regulated and adhere to strict industry standards. In fact, it is actually safer to play at these sites since the casino is not involved with the processing of any funds.

Online casinos will use BankID, which is an identification service that will allow for instant verification. Instead of waiting for a casino to verify your details with a standard registration process, it is done immediately using BankID. In addition, Trustly is required to meet regulatory standards that are set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Summarizing it all: Should you give it a try?

If you are ready to get started with real money gambling be sure to check out how to play casinos without account registrations. By using Pay N Play, you can instantly set up an account and make instant deposits and withdrawals. This saves time and also enhances the security measures in place. At casinos without a registration, you can enjoy tested games, fair payouts, and excellent games and casino services.

Check out the great list of Pay N Play casinos at and choose a site to start playing your favorite games for super payout opportunities! Also, be sure to watch for our exclusive bonuses for new members. Choose a top-rated site today and jump right into the action of secure real money gambling online.

Frequently asked questions about casinos without registration (FAQ)

How can I be sure that I keep my money without an account?

You can be sure that your casino account is always safe and secure and that the funds will remain in the account unless you conduct a withdrawal. At casinos without an account, the only difference is the way to get started You do not complete a registration process. All other aspects of the gambling experience remain the same, so you can be sure your deposited funds are always available and protected at all times.

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is an instant banking option that is offered by Trustly. When using this option, you can open a casino account without having to complete the registration process and you can make instant deposits right from your bank account, You can also benefit from instant withdrawals and will be able to take advantage of great player incentives.

Can I use casinos without registration in every country?

Unfortunately, Pay N Play casinos are not offered everywhere. At this time, the only countries that support these sites are Sweden, Germany, and Finland. Trustly is based in Sweden, so you will find some great sites offered. As for the future of casinos without registration, many sites worldwide are taking a look at offering this type of option to provide a faster and safer experience for members.

Is it even legal to use?

It is completely legal to make use of casinos without registration and to choose Pay N play as a banking option. All casinos that support this method are licensed and regulated and offer enhanced security measures for all real money players. While the service is limited to players from certain countries. Those able to make use of Pay N play casino will be playing legally and securely at all times.

Is it possible to skip the account creation at all casinos?

No. Most casinos still support the standard registration process. If you want to skip this process, you will have to check out the sites we have listed. These provide instant access by offering Pay N play so you do not have to register. You can just make a deposit from your bank account, instantly be verified, and start playing.

Will my money be paid out fast?

This is the major benefit of playing at these types of sites. When you use Pay N Play to manage your real money casino account, deposit and withdrawals are instant. Since your information is already verified through your bank. You can quickly receive your payouts without any waiting period.

Is Trustly the same as Pay N Play?

No. Trustly is a standard banking option that can be used at hundreds of casinos when you complete the registration process and choose a banking option. Pay N Play is a service that is offered by Trustly. This innovative service allows dor instant and secures deposits and withdrawals using your linked bank account.

Can I still get a welcome bonus?

Yes! You will still be eligible for standard casino welcome bonuses when you open your account. Your first deposit will allow you to take advantage of any welcome match bonus that is being offered at the casino. You may even find sites that offer exclusive Pay N Play bonuses for new members that can add even more funds or free spins to your newly created account.

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