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The best Lottery in Canada – Find the biggest Lotto prizes here


The lottery is one of the oldest forms of gambling and till date, it remains a sure way to have fun. In Canada, lottery is a high ranking gambling option for players. So many peoples’ lives have been transformed by winning some life-changing cash on Canada lottery sites. Against popular opinion, online lottery isn’t as complicated as it seems. All you need to do is try to understand some basics and you’re all set. has searched extensively and discovered great online lottery sites for you. These sites are safe and will offer you an easy ride to big wins. We also have some great tips that will make your success easier to achieve. So, if you want to learn more, keep reading! Read more

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What is a lottery game?

A lottery game is a popular form of gambling where players buy numbered tickets and hope the numbers on their tickets are randomly selected by the officials. The game of lottery isn’t new to man, in fact, it dates as far back as 205 BC, during the Han Dynasty of ancient China. There are many kinds of lottery games such as the lotto, little lottos, the dailies, multi-state games, instant games (scratch-offs) and quick picks. Like every other game out there, lottery also has its own set of rules.

Here are some of them:

  1. You have to be 16/ 18 / 21 years old to buy lottery tickets and claim prizes.
  2. Check your tickets before exiting the retailer location.
  3. A ticket is rendered invalid if stolen, mutilated or tampered with in any way.
  4. The lottery won’t be held liable for lost or stolen tickets.
  5. All winning tickets must be validated by the Lottery.

How to: Play the lottery

Playing the lottery has been made easier today. You don't need to visit a retail store to purchase lottery tickets anymore, as this can be done online. Furthermore, winning tips are readily available unlike before.

Although winning odds in the many lottery variants are small, it is still possible for you to become the next millionaire.

But first, you must know how to play and that’s why we have compiled these steps:
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: DesktopMobilephone Supply needed: MoneyInternet
best casino
Browse through TheGambleDoctor’s list has a list of the best places you can play online lotto and expect the best Canada lottery results. Check them out. Step 1
sign up casino
Create your account Once you have decided on a particular CA lottery site, then visit the website. sign up by clicking on the "open account" button to gain access to the platform. Step 2
claim bonus
Load your account You can't play without money in your account. Go to the cashier section, select an appropriate banking method and transfer money into your account. Step 3 no license casinos
Set a budget Don't get carried away by all the fun. Set aside an amount of money for every gambling session and stick to it. Step 4
check out the casinos
Start playing Go to the "play games" section and select any lottery game of your choice. Start playing and hope for the best of outcomes. Good luck! Step 5

Get the know The National Lottery

Canada held its first national lottery in 1974 and it was known as the Canada Olympic Lottery. The purpose for its creation was to raise funds for the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. It had a ticket price of $10 and a grand prize of $1 million, which was eventually won and split between 9 women from Quebec city.

The lottery later got the name Lotto-Canada and funded other Olympic games, as well as national works. Today, two national lottery games stand out in Canada and they are Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max.


This is a lottery game that is overseen by the state government. In this game, a player has to select numbers that will be matched against those generated by the lotto operator. If the player’s number matches those of the lotto operator, the player wins. The winning numbers usually attract large cash prizes.

Lotto HotPicks

In this game, the numbers are the same ones you can find in the main lotto draw. However, the way to win this game is different from that of the main lotto. Players of this game have the freedom to determine how much they want to play for. Prizes range from $6 for a successfully matching single number to $350,000 for five matching numbers.


This is a lottery jackpot game where a player has to pick seven numbers correctly. They include five regular numbers and two lucky stars. There is no particular order for the five regular numbers and two lucky stars. The regular numbers usually fall between 1 and 50, while the lucky stars fall between 1 and 12.

EuroMillions HotPicks

This is a supplementary game which originated from the UK and is based on the main EuroMillions numbers. The prizes offered by this game are up to £1 million. To play, players will select how many numbers they want to match and the prizes start from £10 when the player accurately picks and matches a number.

Set For Life

Set for life is a top prize offered by lottery operators in which the winner will receive weekly payment of huge sums of money for a given number of years. For example, a lucky winner of set for life could enjoy a weekly pay of $1,000, which will last up to 25 years.


Players participating in the Thunderball jackpot draw are required to make five main number selections from 1 to 39 and to choose a single Thunderball number between the numbers 1 and 14. To win, the player must match the Thunderball number or at least three main numbers. The prize gets bigger when more numbers are matched.

Millionaire Maker

In every EuroMillions draw, there is an additional game, Millionaire Maker, which produces at least one millionaire in the United Kingdom. The number of winners is greatly increased during special promotions. The Millionaire Maker number is randomly generated every time a EuroMillions number is purchased. You have to claim any prize won in this game in the space of 180 days from the draw date.

Irish Lotto

This is a 6/47 game that consists of a Bonus ball and two extra games; Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2. Draws are held on selected days of the week. On each day, there are 3 draws – a main draw, a second and third draw. A bonus number plus 6 numbers have to be chosen between 1 and 47. Getting 2 numbers correctly qualifies the player for a price. The prize increase with the numbers of correct match.

Health Lottery

Players are required to select five numbers from 1 to 50 and must accurately match at least two numbers and the Bonus Ball to be a winner. Players can either select their own number or have them generated randomly using the Quick Pick option. The health lottery can be purchased both online and at authorised retailers.

Local Lotto

This lottery was established to lend a helping hand to the local cause in the Daventry district. Local Lotto is held every week online and its tickets cost just £1. Players can win up to £25,000 and 50% of the ticket price is channelled into the local community to support good causes.

Free Lottery

Participants of Free Lottery stand the chance of winning amazing prices every day. Most interestingly, players don’t have to pay anything to play the game. The prize is dumbfounding at £10,000 and all the player has to do is to match all the six winning numbers that have been drawn.

Are any lottery numbers that are better than others?

The game of online lottery is a random one, which is why winning numbers are drawn randomly as well. Statistically, all numbers have equal chances of appearing as the winning number. Whether it is 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 4,18,22,27,36,42, they all have the same odds of being drawn.

However, the greatest wins have been found to be a number combination that is peculiar to you. If you can come up with a combination of numbers that haven’t been chosen yet by anyone, you might just land yourself a win. So, to come up with a good combination, you could try your birthday or favourite number.

Just bear in mind that there is no clear cut approach to this; create a number sequence that you’re comfortable with and hope for the best.

Best lottery Canada

Is it possible to increase your chance of winning the lottery?

The best way to give yourself more leverage in the game of lottery is by purchasing more tickets. A lot of systems claim to improve one’s chances of winning but that’s untrue. Lotto is quite hard to predict because the chance of a given number is reset every time a new number is drawn.

However, all hope is not lost. Players can boost their chances by utilising a particular strategy, albeit a bizarre one. Simply come up with six numbers and bet them all in a row. If all goes well, you might just become the next jackpot sensation.

The biggest lottery wins of all time

Winning the lottery is no small feat. This is an experience only a few people have encountered. There are stories of lucky men and women who won millions after buying a lottery ticket for the first time. This is the same industry where countless number of people purchase lotto tickets on a daily basis hoping that lady luck will shine on them all to no avail.

Trying to understand how luck works may be pointless, but it is indeed fascinating to read about those who have enjoyed the biggest lottery wins, especially here in Canada. In the history of Canada, the largest lottery jackpot was won in October 2015 and the prize of $64 million went to the holder of a 6/49 lotto ticket.

The winner, Zhe Wang from Mississauga, purchased the ticket in the city from a Petro-Canada station on Artesian Drive. Since Canadian laws have made gambling winnings tax free, no amount went to tax from her winnings.

2 players share $120 Million

This event took place a couple of months after the biggest jackpot payout in the history of Canada. John Henry, a retired human resources manager landed a $60 million win at the Lotto Max draw which held on December 25, 2015. On the same day, a cheque for $60 million was issued to another winner, Joan Patterson, at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation headquarters.

$60 million divided among 31 oil refinery workers

Thirty-one individuals who work at Newfoundland became richer after receiving a $60 million Lotto Max jackpot on February 28, 2023. Among them include a married couple, twin brothers, a father and son and three people living on the same street. While some of them chose to retire from work, the rest decided to keep their jobs and invest their winnings.

Biggest lotteries in the world:

  1. Powerball
    Based in the United States, this is the biggest lottery draw on earth. Participants are both from the US and other countries of the world. This lottery has the largest jackpot win at $1.5 billion.
  2. Euro jackpot
    This pan-European lottery draw from 2012 is sold in 18 countries. The lottery is drawn once a week and players stand the chance of winning up to €90 million.
  3. La primitiva
    This is actually the oldest and most popular lottery draw in Spain. If a player successfully matches all six main lottery balls and the Reintegro ball, the Especial jackpot will be won and it can climb as high as €100 million or more.

Ready to play the game?

Canada lottery is really a great place to begin your journey to Eldorado. Lottery games have been with us for centuries and have continued to enrich many people. If you succeed in combining the right numbers, you could be the next in line to be celebrated. Lotteries have been demystified and players now have better chances at grabbing great prizes from these games.

With thegambledoctor, your chances are even greater. Our site has all you need to get started and we will guide you every step of the way with tips that are bound to yield great Canada lottery results for you. Thus, if you are in Canada and are looking for the best site to play online lotto, check and you will find all the reputable sites you can handle. Have fun and good luck!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Canada lotteries

Can I play the lottery in Canada?

Yes. There are several lottery games you can play in Canada through land-based establishments. You can also play lottery games via lottery websites, as online lotteries are legal in the country. However, not all provinces in Canada have lotteries of their own. Only Ontario and Quebec provide such gambling services.

Where can I see the winning-numbers from the lottery?

There is no winning number written anywhere that will help you win the lottery. Anyone promising you a certain winning number is not being truthful. The best way to approach the problem of lotto winning numbers is mathematically. Winning lotto numbers are randomly selected and if you wish to excel in this game, then you should employ some probability calculations.

Can I play European lotteries?

Yes. Many European countries have legalized online lottery, making the game to be widely practised in many jurisdictions within the European Union. Different EU countries, however, have specific laws that govern lottery games within their domain and these laws apply primarily to their residents. Since these laws don't apply to Canadians, you can access lottery sites that welcome players from Canada.

Are the lotteries fair or is it a scam?

Yes, lotteries are fair and there are lots of millionaires all over the world to prove it is not a scam. Players are advised to see lottery games simply as a source of fun. Placing much importance on its outcomes could hurt rather than entertain. Since the game is all about the selection of numbers, you have a great opportunity to win large sums if you understand numbers and can make a good selection of them.

How high are my chances of winning the lottery?

Not very high, to be honest. The odds are not favourable and that is why players should not take lotteries as an avenue to get rich quick. Sure there are success stories here and there, but for every jackpot winner, there are millions of losers. So, play lotteries without any attachments and if you eventually win, then count yourself lucky.

Are there new draws every week?

Yes, but it all depends on the lotto operator. Some lottery draws even take place daily. For instance, Lotto Max has gone beyond a single draw every week, to draw twice weekly. Currently, its draws are held on Fridays but the company will be scheduling another to start holding on Tuesdays.

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